Questions & Answers: Benedikt

Feb 13, 2024

Find out more about Benedikt's work as an SAP consultant and why he would always opt for a dual study program again

Hi Benedikt. I'm glad you found time for our interview. You work as an SAP consultant in product data management, right?

Hi, yes exactly! I've been employed as an SAP consultant in product data management since October last year.

So what did you study?

Actually, I always wanted to study business administration, but in the end it became business informatics. By the way, delaware offers both dual degree programs!

Would you decide the same way again today?

Definitely! Business informatics suits me much better. I would also opt for a dual study program again at any time. It was always clear to me that I wanted to study, even though I'm more of a practical person. That's why I was really happy that I didn't just focus on theory, but also had practical phases. It was also cool to know straight away where I was going and what would happen afterwards. After all, there are a lot of students who don't really know what they will do with their studies afterwards. That wouldn't work for me.

And would you also choose delaware again?

Absolutely. The work here is very special and thrives on teamwork. I know my colleagues in every area, I generally know everyone right up to the top management level. A decisive factor why this is the case is probably the team events and the fact that everyone comes together regularly. But most importantly: everyone has an open ear. No matter what time of day, there is always someone available who can help me.

What is your role at delaware now that you have completed your studies?

I work as an SAP consultant in product data management. Here I act as a mixture of consultant and programmer. In principle, I talk to the customer, ask them what they want and either it's already possible, in which case it's implemented, or it's not yet possible, in which case I program it myself in certain cases.

Can you explain your profession to laypeople?

My standard explanation for friends who are not familiar with this environment is as follows: The SAP system is the large system that records all of a company's business processes, such as payroll accounting, production, ordering, etc. All products are also mapped in this system. And my job is to ensure that the customer's real product is stored behind a material number that represents a particular item in the system.  

So what does a typical working day look like for you?

There is no such thing as a typical working day for me. Some days I have one meeting after another, and on other days I implement the things discussed: for example, programming or looking for bugs. It always depends on the project phase. Roughly speaking, there are a lot of customer meetings at the start of a project. This involves verifying what we have on offer, what the concept looks like, what already fits and what still needs to be adapted to meet the customer's needs. Then we move on to implementation. We develop a concept, go through things in the system together with the customer and implement the requirements in the system. In both project phases there are also customer visits where we look at production and the specific products. At the end there is the go-live, and of course we have to be on site to identify and rectify potential weaknesses as quickly as possible.

Can you highlight specific projects or tasks that have driven your professional development?

The first project I was involved in already taught me a lot. It was almost finished and was only being improved at the time. It was therefore perfect for understanding the basics of how product data management works and what the tools actually do. And now I'm working on my first own project, which is still in its infancy. I'm learning a lot here because I'm building everything from the ground up and the integrative character is well demonstrated. In general, I find that the integrative character of delaware is very tangible, because you simply know all your contact persons.

What have been your highlights at delaware so far?

My highlight was a customer visit to the USA during my studies. Of course, on the one hand because I was able to travel to the USA. But also because it showed me that I could be part of things at a very early stage and take on responsibility right from the start.  

How does delaware deal with the topic of "work-life balance"?

There are project phases in which you have to work a lot, and I like to work a lot - this is also rewarded here, and it is appreciated. However, there are also project phases when you have to work less, and then you enjoy more free time. In general, I think that gives you a balance. Family is very important to me, and I have the feeling that at delaware you can combine family and work well, even in a demanding job.

What's your "favorite benefit" at delaware?

My favorite benefits are the health bonuses. Subsidy for the gym, job bike leasing and the annual health credit that you can use for co-payments for medical services.

What piece of advice would you give a potential applicant?

Everyone here is nice, no one is arrogant, everyone is approachable - so just stay relaxed!

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