Getting to know our juniors: the once upon a time edition

Jan 08, 2017

Another week, another chance to get to know the new batch of Delawarians! Last week, we focused on their travels, hobbies and petsBut this week, we take on an entirely new perspective.


Working at Delaware mostly involves looking at the future: what’s the next big thing, the new technology or way of working? But today, we asked our most recent employees to take a look back. Can you recognize who’s who?


This picture was taken in Madeira in 1999. I am the kid with the shades on, sitting next to my brother and sister. Our parents took us to various beautiful places in Europe when we were young. I chose this picture because I still like to travel and explore new places.


Although you wouldn’t say so from this picture, I really enjoy spending time with my beloved family. As a matter of fact, I loved those fun times: building sandcastles and playing around with all of my nephews and nieces. Even now, I still consider family as one of my major fallbacks when things don’t work out as easily as anticipated.


I chose this picture because of what is going on in it. To encapsulate it briefly, in this picture I was working hard to learn vocabulary, which was a big issue for me. But I kept on smiling , trying and succeeding. Also, I maybe tried to avoid work by acting silly.


The little guy behind the steering wheel is me and the little one on the left is my little brother. This picture was taken about 18 years ago, when everything was still easy, and the only worry was the small scratch on your knee after you fell. Sometimes you just want to go back, don’t you?

As a child, I was always amazed by cars and technology and this pictures foreshadows what I would become today: a consultant in the digital team. It was a my old dream to own a car and work with technology for a living, and today, I can say that I have accomplished that goal.


In this picture, you can see little Alexander riding his bicycle for the first time without support wheels. It was by trial and error that I succeeded to ride my bicycle without them. Now 21 years later, I’m thrilled to take on the challenge to work at Delaware Consulting. With the great support of my colleagues, I’m confident that it will be an exciting, challenging and interesting journey.


Big jumps can be scary, whether it's one down a children's slide or into a new life and a new job. And just like little me might have been somewhat scared of taking the leap down this slide, less little me was a bit wary about his new phase at Delaware Consulting. However this photo shows that the slide turned out to be a fun and exciting ride. I think this proves that sometimes you just have to go for it and have fun, just like I did by starting at Delaware Consulting!


This picture was taken in January 1999. It had been snowing a lot and so I had the great idea to make an ‘ice castle’. I worked on it the entire afternoon and I was really proud on the result. As my parents were surprised I made an ‘ice castle” instead of a traditional snow man, they immediately wanted to take a picture. The next day, my ice castle had already completely melted away.


When I was going through pictures of my childhood, this photo immediately stood out and had me consider that I don’t remember the moment it was taken. However, the bear my grandfather holds out before me is one I’m very familiar with: it was the bear he gave my brother at birth. Ever since I found this picture, I’ve been trying to puzzle the pieces together. To this day I have no idea what the exact story is.


I chose this picture because of the nostalgia factor it has for me. When I think of being a child, I think of playing and having fun all day long. In this image, you can see the innocence in my little smile. So whenever I want to feel like a child again, this picture helps me out.


Hey Delaware, I’m Kevin Berger and welcome to my crib

- Family trip to the cave of Zeus, Crete, 2000

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