Getting to know our juniors: the work edition

Jan 09, 2017

Your job environment is crucial to your well-being at work. For things to click, it's essential to have colleagues you can rely on. 

That's why we challenged some of our junior consultants to take a picture with their favorite new colleague.


I have chosen this photo for two reasons. First of all, I love coffee (sometimes too much). After lunch, I always drink an Espresso, a habit I picked up during my Erasmus stay in Milan. Second, I chose Rémi to be in the picture with me. He is also part of the SAP service & maintenance team and he is always very helpful and kind. He also studied in Ghent, which gave us a common ground to start from.


I took a picture with my favorite colleague, Maarten. I chose Maarten because he isn’t just a colleague, but also a friend. Like me, he is a team member of MS infra services and when I have a problem, he helps me out, so I’ve learned a lot from him in my first weeks.


This is a picture of my oldest brother and me. I chose this picture because since September 5, he is also my colleague! When I was still studying, he told me a lot of positive things about Delaware, which led to me starting here. He also practically introduced me to the world of IT and as such, he is also my favorite colleague (so far).


Why Sanne? After several weeks of general theoretical training, he was the first person to give us a hands-on session. I was really looking forward to these hands-on training sessions, where we would get to know the tools we’d have to work with within the SAP insights team. Sanne made these sessions very accessible and created a good atmosphere. Because of his visible nose injury, I immediately knew he loved the same sport and that we’d get along great!

Charlotte & Camille

We decided to take a picture with our new colleague Gilles. We all work on the S/4 HANA project and he always helps us out with our challenges. Last year, he was a junior too, which means he was also struggling with all the new information and environment, so he knows what we’re dealing with.

It’s always a fun time in our office, especially with all the new colleagues. We have enough work to do, but Gilles doesn’t let us drown in work, which gives us enough time to get to know the project and the system. Next to Gilles, there is our project leader, Bernard, who couldn’t be in the picture because he has a very busy schedule and has a lot of meetings.

We’re glad that we have both of them on our team, because we have the feeling that we can always go to them if we’re having a problem or if we don’t understand something.


This is a picture of Pieter and me. We work together on a project at a large sports-goods retailer, and as you can see he is in great shape from all the sports we are doing there. Pieter is a great colleague. The first day, he introduced me to the world of our customer with a lot of patience, explaining and drawing. He is always ready to help and whether it’s about IDocs or even bunnies, he always has a meme ready to brighten the day.


The guy on the left is Niels. The other one, that’s me, Tijs. Are we together in this room to talk about my new kitten? Or is it his love for my homemade cookies and pastry? I don’t really know. But since we’re here anyway, let’s seize the opportunity to prepare our customer for its new S/4HANA EWM system.


Kristof is my team lead in the SAP insights team. I chose him to be in the picture because we connected well from the very first day. During this first introduction day, the other starters and me had lunch with him, and even though I was pretty nervous to meet them all, Kristof made me feel right at ease.

Caniiso & Nabil

My name is Caniiso (I’m the one on the right). In the picture you can see Nabil, who is also new at Delaware. We work from the same Delaware office when possible and we have known each other for years, as we both studied engineering at ULB.


This is Joyca and me. I decided to take a picture with her because she is my colleague on my Hybris Marking project. She is a functional consultant but she knew more about the technical side than I did. When she has time, she is always ready to help out with debugging and thinking about the logic of my code, so I am really grateful to have her in my team, and this was the ideal moment to show it!