Ordering online at La Lorraine Bakery Group is a piece of cake!

Jul 04, 2017
  • SAP

La Lorraine Bakery Group is a well-known company, active in bakery and milling. Its bakery products are sold in most supermarkets in Belgium. La Lorraine Bakery Group also has production units in Central and Eastern Europe and sells its products worldwide. The company has B2B and B2C activities, with a webshop that is accessible for it's B2B customers.

Bakery products just a few clicks away

In the fiercely competitive retail sector, La Lorraine Bakery Group is distinguishing itself by making its customers’ lives easier. The brand wants to set itself apart in stores through its product quality but also through the ease and speed with which store managers can replenish their bakery departments.

delaware helped La Lorraine Bakery Group to implement a brand-new ordering system for its customers, with a focus on ease of use. Retail customers do not have much time; they need the interface to adapt to their needs rather than vice versa.

That’s why the e-commerce solution, based on SAP Hybris, is efficient yet fairly sober. Based on customer history, the online ordering system streamlines the whole ordering process in just a few clicks. The system uses smart technology to detect errors and inconsistencies, including based on the customer’s prior behavior.

Better insights

Besides that, La Lorraine Bakery Group now has much better insights into each customer’s ordering behavior and can easily ‘push’ promotions or buying tips according to the customer’s profile. This opens new doors for the future.

Marketing agility is definitely a plus in the bakery business, which is characterized by many seasonal specialties. Thanks to this new implementation, La Lorraine Bakery Group’s customers not only have a quicker and easier ordering system, but they are also kept better informed about the latest bakery products.

Nutrition data

The end consumer has not been forgotten in the improvement process. In fact, the new ordering system is linked to a database of more than 2,500 technical specifications giving detailed online information about the various products (allergies, nutritional facts, etc.).

Bon appétit!