Global Services (AMS)

Global Services (AMS)

Industry Experts 

The delaware support center is tasked with managing and monitoring the incoming and outgoing activities of our clients' information systems and evolving existing configurations. Our local teams are composed of industry experts (functional, technical, and technical-functional) who work exclusively on maintaining the operational readiness of the systems. 


Our complete service catalog, which ranges from third-party application maintenance (TMA) to the development factory and application management, to third-party exploitation maintenance (TME), operational readiness maintenance (MCO), and hosting, ensures the availability and evolution of our clients' solutions. This is achieved through dedicated teams in Morocco. 

Consultancy at the service of support

We accompany our clients for the long term by providing a critical and constructive view of the information system and feedback on opportunities and the latest innovations. Our support center has been recognized by publisher certifications, ensuring our clients a consistently high-quality and performant level of service. At delaware, we accompany our clients on a daily basis with incidents and preventive, evolving, and corrective maintenance. 

The ground of our AMS teams 

24/7 monitoring: delaware ensures the monitoring of entrusted environments through the implementation of automatic checks.

  • Incident resolution on alerts: Based on alerts raised by our ITSM solution and the level of criticality, our administrator team takes into account the detected incidents, analyzes the causes and intervenes with an adapted level of service.
  • SAP and infrastructure administration: Our teams respond to change or evolution requests made through the ticketing tool, but also carry out many recurring and preventive administration tasks.
  • Governance: We set up regular operational and steering committees to control the quality of the service provided.
  • The Service Desk: A contact center, email, ticketing system, service requests.
  • Corrective and proactive maintenance: Incident resolution, preventive and proactive problem management, and other recurring operations.
  • Patch management: Management of corrective updates.
  • Service management: Reporting, capacity planning

The strength of delaware lies not only in the performance of our solutions, but also in the quality of our management. The strengths of our consultants? A double business and IT competence ensuring both a business and technical vision of the solutions.

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