Unlocking sustainable, customer-driven business models for utility companies

The utilities business model has changed radically over the past few years. Companies must optimize their operations to overcome new, digital-age challenges. As a utilities business, integrating and embedding innovative functionalities and tools in your operations generate direct added value and sustainable growth in an increasingly efficiency- and customer-driven economy.


our long-term relationship with delaware allows us to challenge each other and push our boundaries
Cristina Orodel, Team manager of asset information management at De Watergroep

The 3 Ds: challenges facing the utilities segment

Utility companies used to work in a linear, easily scalable way: simply producing and selling more led to increased revenues. However, digitalization and the scarcity of resources have changed this business model radically over the past few years. Nowadays, utility companies have to address three big challenges: the 3 Ds.

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