It's in our DNA

Let's be honest: with 15 years of experience, delaware has proven its worth since its foundation. , it was the initiative of 'geeks'. Although our company is generally associated with consulting, digital and innovation is still part of our DNA. What makes DNA interesting? It is always made up of two parts - that's why our 'digital' part has inevitably become linked to our 'consulting' part 

Future is now

As delaware has built strong partnerships with SAP and Microsoft, we specialize in these ecosystems. However, we are always on the lookout for new technologies (AI, ML, Computer Vision, ...). Many developers at delaware do not fit the stereotype of a solitary programmer at all. We always work in teams. This distinguishes us from other companies that focus more on 'body shopping' practices. 

High-Tech Project

We believe that innovation and technology go hand in hand. For many of our developers, this is exactly what motivates them: the diversity and speed of innovation inherent in the digital world. As we navigate through technically demanding projects, we provide developers with the opportunity to work with the recent technologies and programming languages. 

The ground of our digital teams 

  •  If you ask Jérôme why he joined delaware, he will tell you with his legendary calmness: "To be able to pilot competent resources that the team has chosen in an autonomous way.
  •  If you ask Guillaume this question, he will answer with passion: "To work on lots of different tech and help young people to become competent on innovative subjects." 

  • If you ask Laëtitia, she will confide in you with honesty: "To help clients have clear ideas about what they want and be effective and relevant." 

  •  Finally, if you talk to Nicolas, he will declare with humor: "To offer my clients solutions at the cutting edge of today's know-how... because keeping it simple can be complicated!" 

  • Repeat the experience with Stéphane, Wajih, Amine, Sylvie, Hichem, Geoffrey, Miguel.... and you will get new and different answers.

    In short, there are plenty of reasons to join the digital team at Delaware, but despite our differences or rather because of them, we are all complementary and above all we share common values, the main one being the imperative need to be well together. That's why we fully invest in projects and wake up in the morning with that desire!

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