delaware Luxembourg makes your e-invoicing easier through Peppol

Feb 15, 2023
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Like most European countries, Luxemburg has introduced an electronic invoicing obligation for business-to-government (B2G) exchanges. As from March 18, 2023 all businesses, including SMEs, must use the Pan-European Public Procurement Online (Peppol) standard to send their invoices to public administrations. delaware is helping Microsoft Business Central and Navision customers to transform that obligation into an opportunity for extra efficiency.

E-invoicing has been on the EU agenda for some time. It is now becoming reality, at least for B2G data exchanges, as more and more states are making it mandatory. Luxemburg is already pushing for that transition to happen, realising the time and cost savings that an XML-based e-invoicing standard like Peppol will bring.

From March 18, 2023 onwards, Peppol will officially be the only way to invoice Luxemburg’s public institutions.

There is good news for customers of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central: Business Central is already Peppol XML-ready, which minimizes the work required to become integrated and fully up and running with Luxemburg’s public administrations.

delaware has the expertise to help SMEs successfully switch to Peppol. We interconnect your ERP and accounting systems (Business Central as well as Navision) through custom integration or using an add-on, as a certified Peppol Access Point.

In all cases, we act as your e-invoicing single point of contact, allowing you, the supplier, to benefit from e-invoicing to boost efficiency, reduce manual work and enhance traceability.

Ready to switch over to Peppol?