delaware becomes founding partner of charity SuperKrachtig Lekker

Jun 10, 2019
  • press release

In early 2019, the charity SuperKrachtig Lekker is was founded by Kim Milants. Kim’s daughter Jasmijn was diagnosed with leukemia in June 2017, when she was only three years old. Trying to support and care for her daughter as much as she could, Kim always provided fresh, homecooked meals even while Jasmijn was receiving treatment at the UZ Gent. The positive effects of these homecooked meals on Jasmijn’s therapy made Kim realize how important fresh and healthy food is, when children are fighting cancer.

She started to look for ways to provide fresh meals for all the children in the Children’s Hemato Oncology department. This dream evolved into a concrete plan, which she started to develop further with three other ambitious women. One of these women is Sandra Bekkari, a known TV-chef in Flanders and also the ambassador of this non-profit organization. The two other co-founders are entrepreneurs Stefanie Van Eeckhout and Liesbeth Benoit.

One of its goals is to install a modern kitchen in the UZ Gent department, where cooking therapies can be organized, parents can cook for their children, etc. For this objective, the organization has started a crowdfunding campaign to raise €50,000. The organization also has other ambitions such as organizing birthday parties for the patients and launching an app with germ-free recipes. This is where delaware comes in: they are one of the three founding partners of this non-profit organization. The company supports the charity by creating the app, promoting the crowdfunding campaign and much more.

The company has a ‘WeCare team’ that supports multiple charities through internal actions such as a soup sale and a quiz. Ann De Sloover, chairwoman of WeCare, explains: “As a company with many young families, we were immediately convinced by Kim’s enthusiasm. We look forward to collaborating with SuperKrachtig Lekker and create a better food experience for the children.” At the end of May, the initiative was officially introduced to the press with a launch party in Ghent. 

For more information about SuperKrachtig Lekker and the crowdfunding campaign, please visit the website.