Updated Finance Digital Transformation Roadmap: 8 reasons to download

Mar 21, 2022
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As the world is becoming more volatile, so does doing business. More than ever,  CFOs are expected to keep a close eye on financial and operational data, predict business changes and navigate disruptions. Can you keep up with all the expectations? Do you have the insights, the people and the tools you need to create true added value and help steer business decisions? delaware can help you navigate during these turbulent times.

More than being technology experts, our dedicated finance team boasts a wealth of experience and expertise in finance. That’s how we are able to guide you upon your journey towards a future-proof CFO office. In 2018, we summarized our know-how in our Finance Transformation Roadmap: a step-by-step guide that helps finance teams step out of their silos and gradually move towards becoming a future-proof finance business partner.

finance digital transformation roadmap

Accommodating for change

The transformation roadmap enlists a comprehensive set of approaches, tools and methodologies aimed at raising the efficiency, effectiveness and added value generated by the finance function. With the role of finance becoming much more multi-dimensional, digital and strategic, we’ve now updated that set and renamed the roadmap the Finance Digital Transformation Roadmap. These 8 new insights – and many others – make our updated guide worth the download:

  • RPA software has now fully matured. Read how it can help your finance team win time, replacing tedious, repetitive tasks by value-adding jobs
  • Discover how today’s advanced ERP systems help you gain better visibility, reduce the workload at month-end and close the period easier and faster, while they provide the management with early, high-quality multi-dimensional insights.
  • Learn more about how analytical accounting empowers the shift from periodic, general accounting reporting to cost-of-sales reporting, which offers richer insight into customer/product combinations.
  • Business consulting in the key to aligning your financial objectives with the corporate strategy. Our Digital roadmap reveals how the ‘office of strategy management’ and Kaplan’s Execution Premium Framework can help you introduce business consulting into your organization.
  • While finance loves Excel, Excel-based financial budget is no longer enough to support your team. Learn how digitalizing the financial budgeting process can help you optimize operational aspects of budgeting and planning processes and how to get started.
  • Less administration, faster budgeting and forecasting, more agility, flexibility, accountability and transparency: explore the many benefits of driver-based planning
  • Sustainability and planning for ESG disclosures is a relatively new, yet key responsibility for the CFO. Learn why your team should lead the way on sustainability and how to embrace ESG reporting.
  • Discover a series of smart delaware tools, such as our BI templates that ensure consistent reporting across your entire organization and reduce the time to insights. 

Start future-proofing your CFO office today with our free e-book on digital finance transformation.

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