How we shifted towards a new content marketing model and strategy (and what that can mean to you)

Jan 13, 2021
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Have you had the privilege to reassess your content marketing strategy lately? We have. And it’s been an interesting time to say the least. After more than 10 years of content writing for our tech customers, a few changes in our team and new people joining us, we decided it was time for an update for our content marketing model. This is how we’ve shifted towards a holistic model. 

From content to content marketing

Dirk, one of our senior consultants, describes the process:

As a team, we’re highly skilled in thought-leading content. Still, we felt it was time to reassess our approach: 

  • Can we do more? 
  • Can we adapt to our customers’ changing needs? 
  • What additional skills do we have to offer? 

In a very open brainstorming session we gathered feedback on how our team was organized and what makes them happy doing their jobs as content marketers. Our customers’ needs were plotted against this and... 

We discovered we had a whole range of marketing services to offer, every single one spilling over into one another or fitting together perfectly. The result? A new content marketing canvas that ranges from thought-leading content to lead generation, that is both strategic and operational.

Our new content marketing model in practice

As eager as we are to start writing, we can now define more accurately what content should look like, where it will be published and what purpose it has, by defining the basic building blocks together with our customers. This might look like this:

  • We define buyer personas to attract the right audience;
  • A storyline is created to match your sales pitch/other content/audience preference;
  • A keyword analysis will be done for the landing page of your e-book;
  • We’ll advise you on what channels to post the content.

That way we can maximize the potential of any content item we create.Everything always delivered in an agile way. Before we start writing a long read,  whitepaper or e-book, we check with our customers in how many sprints we should (and will) deliver.

What’s different about the content marketing model compared to before?

We can now shift from the operational part to the strategic part in our model and from more thought-leading content to lead generation and back. This means our approach is more holistic.  Once we capture what you need, our team combines its strengths.  

  • Lieve is experienced in keyword analysis;
  • Laura is great with personal copy;
  • Simon likes to use video;
  • Olivier is a fantastic blogger;
  • Maaike is great at project management;
  • Dirk likes to write in both short and long forms with a thought-leading edge;
  • And so on…

Focus on visualization

The shift in our approach also helps to focus more on visualization. We’re creating more video and our content marketing workshop recently became a visualization workshop that defines the needs of your unique content marketing. We’ve greatly enjoyed working out this new content marketing approach and canvas. 

Are you interested in creating a content marketing canvas that’s tailored to your needs? Let's talk!

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