Brugle: enhancing customer experience

Nov 14, 2017
  • textiles
  • Sitecore

Bru is a leading, Belgium-based global supplier of interior furnishing fabrics and wall coverings. Bru’s worldwide success can be attributed to its reputation for reliability, quality and service. Some 2.500 professional customers – partners and suppliers for retail – have a choice of over 20.000 products.

Bru ships tens of millions meters of fabric and wall coverings around the world each year, assisted by the Bru Full Solution concept: an exclusive integrated service that provides an end to end solution for purchasing a wide variety of interior furnishing fabrics and products used for drapery, upholstery and wall coverings. The solution helps customers to achieve higher efficiency at a lower cost throughout the entire procurement and marketing process.
Part of the whole Bru experience is Brugle, an online platform that allows B2B customers, partners and suppliers to find the products they need anytime, anywhere and any place. The Brugle platform is based on a combination of Sitecore and ADAM. delaware implemented the solution and integrated it with Bru’s tailor-made ERP system. To increase the platform’s usability, more than 20.000 unique products were categorized in an SQL-build database.

Based on a log-in and password, every user gets a personalized view on the products that are available from Bru. The platform allows professional customers, partners and suppliers to browse the offer, search specific products using filters, compare technical specifications, make lists, consult stock levels, and more. Thanks to Brugle, customers have direct access to their orders, order statuses and invoices. At the same time, Brugle offers marketing tools, such as technical product information and images, to support the customer’s sales and marketing processes.

Integration with new ERP

Besides its role as technical partner for the platform’s implementation, delaware acts as Bru’s trusted advisor for Brugle’s further extension. delaware’s assignment includes integrating Brugle with Bru’s new ERP environment.