Visual analytics

Visual analytics

Visual analytics: quick insights into a world of data

Data is produced at an incredibly fast rate – faster than most people can analyze and report on it. To solve this problem, a host of data visualization solutions have been developed to help data scientists and other, even non-technical, professionals discern patterns and connect the dots in an ocean of data.

Visual analytics is data analysis characterized by insights that are displayed in an interactive, graphical manner. It is especially helpful in analyzing large, complex data sets. It is nothing more than a modern term for reporting. In the past, there were only a few data sources to analyze. Because everything was extremely fixed-format and predefined, gaining these insights was the responsibility of the IT department. As a result, non-technical professionals often had to wait for long periods of time to receive their reports and/or insights.

when it comes to getting clear insights quickly, the power of visualization can’t be underestimated

Self-service business insights

These disadvantages catalyzed a shift towards ‘self-service analytics’. Such tools enable data to be visualized more easily, simplifying interpretation and decision-making. However, the data still has to be represented in the appropriate way to help users design and deploy their own reports and analyses and make the right decisions. This means that the data architecture and tools portfolio still need to be supported and approved by a company’s IT department.

Introducing order to chaos

The power of visualization to deliver clear insights can’t be underestimated, as is illustrated by this simple example. How many nines do you see?

Even unstructured data can be visualized in a structured way. Take social media posts, for example. A simple sentiment analysis allows us to categorize certain posts based on the prevalence of certain words. This can give businesses a clear view of the success of their latest event, for example.

How we can help you

What do you need to measure to reach your end goals, and how can it be visualized in a way that guides your teams towards actionable insights? From the deployment of the right data visualization tools to training, architecture and strategy: delaware has all the experience you need to get your data visualization efforts on track.

 Why choose delaware? 

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