Cloud Development

Cloud Development

Simply the best price/quality ratio

Cloud development is about being more innovative than ever before, more quickly than ever before and more affordably than ever before.

There are many good reasons for choosing cloud development, but the lower total cost of ownership and increased speed of innovation are undoubtedly the most appealing ones.

You can develop custom solutions faster and more easily than ever before thanks to the availability of cloud building blocks. Imagine you were building a house – you wouldn’t make your own bricks, would you? So why should it be different for a solid cloud solution?

Moreover, those cloud building blocks are becoming more sophisticated and more powerful all the time. By implementing building blocks to enable Artificial Intelligence or big data analysis, you can immediately make a difference for your organization.

Cloud development can also lead to a clearly visible change for your employees. Thorough integration between existing systems and the available cloud functionality makes it easier to unlock widespread information for your users, with less log-in confirmations and clicks.

Another piece of the puzzle is that they enable you to be more innovative with a shorter time to market and at a lower cost. Thanks to the continuous release of new features, upgrades become a non-event.

And if you can’t find a standard solution for your business issue, simply unleash the power of the cloud by customizing on Microsoft Azure or SAP HANA Cloud Platform (HCP).

The world is changing very fast. Big will not beat small anymore. It will be the fast beating the slow.
— Rupert Murdoch

The sky is not the limit!

Embrace the cloud while maintaining a fully-functioning solution, a robust architecture and rapid development.

In the steady shift from an on-premise to a cloud-connected world, the hybrid world is becoming the new reality. As a born integrator, we deliver the best of both worlds.

There’s no need to throw out your on-premise systems to embrace the new cloud ones! We can help you to develop in the cloud while also facilitating the integration with your traditional ERP backbone. And we can easily establish the link with other domains such as Analytics, Finance, Operations, etc.

Right from the beginning our developers have had a strong focus on architecture. As a result, we ensure that the individual cloud components are neatly arranged. Besides that, to get you off to an even faster start, we offer template cloud solutions: Field Anywhere and Scheduling Anywhere, to name just two examples.

We also can go a step beyond support thanks to delaware’s private SaaS offering, in which we take care of all the IT aspects for you – from governance, monitoring and communication with the software providers to administrative tasks. An ideal stress-free solution for 100% cost predictability, while maintaining all the advantages of customization.

Cloud solutions are global, and we are able to deliver our solutions worldwide thanks to our international structure. Let’s build a smarter, cloud-connected world together!

Cloud computing should transform, not just replace.
— Forbes

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