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Jul 22, 2019
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A defining trait of SAP S/4 HANA in the Philippines is ease of use. Click here to find out ways to navigate this platform!

What Platforms can you use to navigate SAP S/4 HANA?


  2. SAP Business One

  3. SAP GUI

SAP S/4 HANA in the Philippines is one of the easiest platforms for layman users to navigate. The interface is designed to be user-friendly. It allows your business to record and produce data seamlessly. To navigate S/4 HANA you can use three different suites. Each suite has unique features that can fit a variety of businesses or users. When choosing which one is the best for you, let this guide point you to the right path.


SAP Fiori UX is a user experience design language for a variety of business applications. The SAP Fiori design language is made for S/4 HANA and other suites. The applications that make use of the Fiori design language are called Fiori applications or Fiori UI. SAP Fiori can be implemented using most technologies.  SAP Fiori UX is mostly user-centered. It delivers a seamless user experience for all lines of business, tasks, and devices. It’s simpler and more efficient by providing specific screens for its users. It can address various aspects of user interactions such as products, systems, processes, and services. 

SAP Fiori UX provides faster and more direct access to information and applications, which increases productivity. It gives you timely notifications for items that require immediate attention. This helps you decide on your next action. The wealth of information on your fingertips lets you make informed and wise decisions within the shortest amount of time.

SAP Fiori UX is categorized into three apps:

  • Transactional

Transactional apps deal with requests such as leave applications, timesheet fills, purchase orders, and sales orders. SAP Fiori is packaged with 25 transactional apps. Each user can run SAP transactions on various devices such as desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. 

  • Fact Sheet

The Fact Sheet immediately gathers information on the master data, transaction data, and statistical data which are all derived from the S/4 HANA Database. Fact sheets can help you deal with customers via phone while you’re equipped with the right sales order data. You can use SAP FIORI to look at all your fact sheets while using your preferred navigation app or your FIORI Launchpad.

  • Analytical

Analytical apps also run on the S/4 HANA database and Virtual Data Models. Analytical apps are great for real-time business operations. Analytical apps allow you to observe your key performance indicators in real-time.

SAP Business One

SAP Business is an ERP solution for business management. It’s compatible with small to medium-sized businesses. SAP Business One is affordable and easy to use. This is especially helpful for manufacturing and distribution businesses. This navigation system provides a comprehensive management solution for all core functions of your business. It can manage your finances, operations and customer relationship management.

It can be integrated with other external systems and can seamlessly work with Microsoft Office products like Word, Excel, and Word. Optimize your workflow with SAP Business One and customize the system to send out event reports on preset schedules. SAP Business One also allows customization for specific preferences with data, fields, queries, policies, and reports without any assistance from your IT staff.

Optimize your resource planning and become a better manager. Having access to needed information in real-time helps you make wise and informed decisions. It also supports connections with other navigational systems such as Fiori and Logon.


SAP Graphic User Interface is an ERP tool that lets SAP end-users run various applications by providing a user-friendly graphical interface. SAP GUI can run on operating systems like Apple, Microsoft, Linux, etc. It’s an important SAP component that is widely used by the worldwide market and is conveniently accessible for the views, formats, applications, features, and functions of SAP suites. Users can also remotely access the central SAP server of their organization with a network connection. 

The simple face GUI is perfect for accessing SAP components. Users can log in with their preferred language and can choose their desired GUI language as well. The user-friendly interface lets users create favorites, start-up transactions and much more. SAP GUI also has downward compatibility for other versions, so it can support lower versions of SAP components easily. SAP GUI can also be predefined with unique key inputs to reduce the amount of clutter and time on screen. If you happen to have a low-speed connection, SAP GUI lets you display the screen without the extra graphics to reduce network traffic.

Key Takeaway

Navigating SAP S/4 HANA can be a breeze with these options. SAP S/4 HANA in the Philippines is the best option for optimizing your business. You can optimize it further by choosing the right navigation applications. This can be determined by the type of business you have and your preference. These applications are relatively easy to use and you won’t need the assistance of your IT staff to get to the data you need. Be a better and well-informed business with SAP S/4 HANA on your side.