Here’s how delaware facilitates working anywhere at any time

Sep 07, 2022

While the best focus time may be at home, there’s also no substitute for meeting face-to-face with colleagues and customers regularly. In this blog we explain how we achieve that balance at delaware and how we facilitate working from different places at different moments.

Should you work virtually, on-site, at a delaware office...? What is the right balance between individual and team expectations? What does a hybrid workplace mean to us? After all, the last two years have invited everyone to think differently about how and where they work most efficiently. 

Having choice is great. And yes, a lot of work can be done from anywhere. Still, it’s equally important to stay connected with your colleagues and customers. To manage that properly, we have defined a framework that allows the #peopleofdelaware to define a way that works best for their situation, together with their teams.

Aside from the location, the time during which we work most efficiently also varies from person to person. Some among us are morning people while others prefer working until later in the evening. To handle that divide, we have set up another framework to guide the #peopleofdelaware in getting their work done as efficiently as possible. How and when can you best be reached during the day? It’s all about dialogue and flexibility.

Let’s get flexible

So when do we work exactly? The answer to that question is not straightforward. You are free to fill in your day in the wide time frame between 7:00 and 20:00 with a fixed block between 10:00 and 15:00. That way, you can allow for maximum work-life integration and find the regime that works best for you. And what if you’ve worked a little longer than usual on a certain day? Then you can use that time to stop a little earlier on another day, if the circumstances allow for that, of course.  

Just as we are flexible when it comes to when you work, we are also quite lenient when it comes to the location. Our principles are based on dialogue, balance, and flexibility. So, we haven’t defined a fixed number of homeworking days per week. Yet, as a rule of thumb, we highly recommend to come on site for 50% of your time on a yearly basis  – on site meaning either a delaware office or a customer location. The specifics are then decided together with your (project) team in team and project collaboration charters. 

A word on the collaboration charters 

In team collaboration charters, we gather a specific team’s agreement on joint and personal work location, communication, accessibility, and document sharing. A project collaboration charter does the same but on project level. This document can be drafted up for each project and is accessible to all project team members, and new joiners. The key thing to remember is that the charters are drawn up through dialogue and provide every member of the team with clear guidelines on what is expected. They aim to build a basis for strong collaboration and mutual trust while offering flexibility to everyone involved. 

In our experience, steering committees and workshops are always done best at the customer’s site. You pick up way more information when everyone’s in the same room.

Working flexibly while staying connected

Combined, the frameworks and the collaboration charters give everyone a good level of flexibility as well as clear guidelines on what is expected. After all, those informal coffee corner talks are really important. As is the possibility of working fully focused from home or being able to commit to a doctor’s appointment throughout the day. 

In case of doubt, you can reach out to your project manager or team leadership.

Together, and through dialogue as well as transparency, we always find a proper balance.