Wie unser Ziel "Best Possible You" unseren Mitarbeitern hilft, erfolgreich zu sein

10 10 2019

Als Unternehmens- und IT-Beratungsunternehmen arbeitet delaware in einem wettbewerbsintensiven Umfeld, wenn es darum geht, Talente zu gewinnen und zu entwickeln. Daher ist die Personalabteilung ein wesentlicher Schwerpunktbereich. In diesem Zusammenhang hat das belgische HR-Team ein wichtiges Projekt ins Leben gerufen, das von verschiedenen ausländischen Unternehmen übernommen wurde.


During the last two years, delaware redesigned the entire evaluation cycle and strongly focused on the implementation of an open feedback culture. delaware was guided in this process by Quintessence inspirer Lou Van Beirendonck, who functioned as a "purple" inspirator, coach and sounding board for the internal work groups. The project received the significant title "Best Possible You", which immediately makes the ambition clear to have a strong impact on how people develop themselves within delaware

Quintessence – a leading and innovative consulting firm, specialised in people management and human development – recently conducted an interview with our HR manager Ann Hendrix about this ambition. Find out what mentorship, close leadership, personal performance dashboard and an open feedback culture exactly mean within delaware. Here you can read the full article in Dutch.

Where the old rating was quite a static fact, we want to motivate our people to grow continuously by integrating concrete feedback.
Ann Hendrix, HR director at delaware

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