Showpad and delaware: turning companies into modern selling organizations

Today’s buyers hate being sold to. Instead, they want genuine, spot-on, personalized and interactive B2B sales conversations – whether remotely or face-to-face. Showpad offers the modern selling platform that sales and marketing teams need to have differentiating, impactful conversations with buyers and customers.

By bundling skills, knowledge, content, and tools, the Showpad sales enablement platform helps your customer-facing teams accelerate the sales cycle and create truly engaging buying experiences that drive sales. 

5 steps to empowering modern selling organizations 

Showpad believes that, when it comes to sales, the buyer experience is the ultimate differentiator. To help sales and marketing create engaging experiences, they bundled innovative content solutions with industry-leading training and coaching software into an open, end-to-end sales enablement platform that’s easy to integrate into any other system – CRM, marketing automation, etc. – or technology.

Here’s how it works: 

  • Centralize: Showpad combines marketing assets, sales content, training material, and meeting recordings in one searchable library so that it’s easy to access, personalize, update, and share.
  • Prepare: Through a variety of learning formats, the platform helps improve the knowledge and skills of your sales teams and support them in their execution.
  • Engage: Interactive synchronous and asynchronous communication channels ,such as Shared Spaces, Showpad Video & email plugins, help increase engagement with every stakeholder – both in-house and externally.
  • Analyze: Analytics provide insights into what content your team uses and buyers interact with, which talk tracks are successful, and which training is most impactful so marketing can focus on producing the best, most relevant sales materials.
  • Improve: Intelligent feedback loops across the entire organization ensure continuous improvement.

Pieterjan Bouten, co-founder & CEO Showpad, adds "Showpad's technology makes buying and selling easier. We support revenue teams to be better prepared than ever before, create engaging experiences that buyers will always remember, and consequently help companies generate more revenue."

Showpad improves marketing team productivity by 25%

Why you’ll love Showpad

The Showpad sales enablement platform helps you cut the content clutter, create and manage impactful content, train your salespeople, and analyze sales-related data to win the hearts of your buyers. 

Your benefits:

  • Increase sales and marketing productivity 

Showpad helps your sales and marketing teams to easily manage content, draw insights from data and collaborate efficiently to produce the content buyers need. Higher overall sales productivity means more time for your salespeople to have high-quality, impactful conversations with (prospective) customers. 

  • Align your sales and marketing teams

The Showpad platform streamlines work processes and improves collaboration between sales and marketing. Powerful analytics help both teams produce the best content to support the sales cycle.

  • Improve the buyer experience 

By creating content that resonates and delivering relevant, impactful, personalized information to buyers, your sales reps will build a strong rapport with those buyers, save them time, and facilitate their decision-making process. 

  • Boost sales revenue

Showpad makes sellers more effective. With better training and content, they will have more productive and successful sales conversations. Your win: more sales per rep as cross-sell and upsell opportunities are more easily identified.

more effective sales drives cross-sells and upsells by 40%

delaware: your trusted Showpad partner

Sure, Showpad can be used as a powerful standalone solution. But where the platform really shines is through its interactions with other technologies. 

delaware has the business and technology know-how needed to not only implement but also integrate the open Showpad platform into your customer relationship management (CRM), marketing automation, or asset management systems or with any other essential technologies. Moreover, we can help build powerful apps and analytical processes using Showpad’s API and software development kits – to help you ensure exceptional, end-to-end buyer experiences. Nele Vijt, Senior Consultant at delaware, tells you more about the partnership in the video on the right.

“At delaware, we believe digital efforts are successful only when the gains outweigh the cost. That’s why we are happy to add Showpad to our portfolio of proven solutions," says Bart Van Kerkhoven, partner at delaware.

ready to embrace modern selling?