Ready-to-use dematerialisation solutions integrated with your SAP environment.

Because processing and approving invoices is a challenge, many companies also face the following problems:

  • A significant amount of work related to the manual processing of invoices.
  • A complex process due to the multiplicity and geographical dispersion of the actors in the approval process.
  • Integration of different types of invoice exchanges (EDI, signature, reliable audit trail).

Meet business needs

  • Availability: directly accessible by end users.
  • Confidentiality: management of access rights, authorizations, security (systems, premises).
  • Integrity: non-alteration of the document.
  • Sustainability: preservation of documentary heritage over time.

to respond to regulatory needs 

  • Dematerialisation for the State: the order of 26 June 2014 for the public sector extends the dematerialisation process started in 2012
  • Business-to-business dematerialization Companies are not obliged to issue but must accept invoices received electronically.
  • Electronic-paper balance: Reliable audit trail and probative value of the digital copy (see explanatory sheets).


Are you looking for a system that allows you to store your documents in a perennial and integrated manner in complete security while respecting the needs of each type of document?

Thanks to our expertise in this field, delaware offers you a solution that provides you with a Windows-like tree structure, seamlessly integrated with your SAP environment to allow the addition, deletion and consultation of documents.

Why ?

Implement to achieve undeniable benefits:

  • Guaranteed confidentiality of your data.
  • An always ready and interoperable system.
  • An integrated search module.
  • A reactivity allowing to easily find the documents.

    Easy to deploy and use.

  • Seamless integration with SAP.

Users have access to everything they need, from a single application, usually with a few clicks.
Mirjam Weima, Alliander B.V.

Information management

We can help you define your content management strategies, which is regularly seen as a source of problems.

Gathering information through a single tool will make it available immediately and increase your efficiency by :

Optimizing and facilitating the acquisition and classification of your data,

  • Managing any type of format or source,
  • Archiving and storing your information in a perennial way,
  • Meeting legal requirements,
  • Offering a relevant and differentiating user experience.

What delaware can do for you

  • We provide analysis and suggestions through to implementation
  • We guide you through your transformation and help you become a dematerialization expert
  • We analyze your company's current situation and recommend what best suits your needs, and then implement it

Why choosing delaware?

  • We offer a structured approach
  • We offer complete solutions
  • We work closely with your team
  • We have 25 years of experience in business transformation across multiple industries

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