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Our mission? We enable our people, our company and our customers to reach their full potential combining our skills, our values and best-in-class technology. We want to positively impact the world we live in. Want to experience the delaware dream? Now’s your chance. 

neither your career nor delaware is a sprint – they’re both marathons – That’s the delaware dream, building an organization that lasts


Planting trees, growing careers

What are the ingredients for a fun onboarding activity? A nice vibe: check! Drinks: check! Good food: check! 4025 trees: check! Yep, you read that right. As an onboarding activity for everyone who started at delaware in 2021, our CSR team recently organized a full afternoon planting 1,5 hectares of forest together with Natuurpunt. And as the trees will grow, so too will the careers of our starters.
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The Starters Initiative makes new #peopleofdelaware feel right at home

At delaware you can always find support for creative new ideas, even if you’re one of our youngest colleagues. A prime example of this is the Starters Initiative. This spontaneously formed group of juniors offers opportunities to new #peopleofdelaware to meet and bond with each other during the pandemic. These casual, low-key activities are a great addition to our existing range of onboarding and teambuilding activities organized by HR during the Analyst Bootcamp.
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From controller to consultant: finding your way to Dynamics Finance

Whether the opportunity presents itself or whether you actively go looking for it, a career switch is always exciting. You learn new things about yourself and about the field you work in. At delaware, too, we have many people who turned their careers around. In this blog specifically, we talk to Ilse Everaert and Kristof Boury who both made the switch from controller to our Dynamics Finance team.
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Get to know delaware: facts & figures of who we are and what we do

How much do you know about delaware? You’ve probably already found a lot of information on our career site, our general website or on our social media profiles. But we’re pretty sure you’re also curious about other delaware facts and figures. Who are we, what do we do or whom do we work for? All nice-to-knows when you want to apply for a job or just like to know how it’s like to be part of the #peopleofdelaware in the BeLux. No need to look further! You’ve landed on the right page. Happy reading!
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