Customer Connect

Customer Connect

How to connect with your customer

Meeting customers’ expectation in the digital age

Customers are increasingly empowered, and their expectations are continuously rising. More than ever, offering a unique and consistent user experience across multiple channels is paramount to building valuable customer relationships. Only truly customer-obsessed businesses stand a chance in an increasingly customer-centric world.

By aligning interactions design, event-based communication and customer data, businesses can innovate and focus on exactly the right moments in the customer journey; and deliver an effortless experience.

Six steps towards customer centricity

  1. Strategy & insights: reviewing your business model, underpinning it with wide market experiences, sound theory and enriching it with data ensures a smooth execution and strong results.
  2. Customer moments: get to know your customer’s deepest drivers and identify the customer journeys and moments that maximize its experience and generate value for your company.
  3. Accelerate & transform: aim for continuous improvement and establish a digital customer culture of innovation through low-stakes experiments, proofs of concept, business case deployments and rapid prototyping.
  4. Single source of truth: bring structure to data chaos by aligning, prioritizing and automating processes – so you don’t waste time looking for the right core data to secure a consistent experience everywhere.
  5. Omnichannel experience: develop a unique and consistent customer experience across channels and build valuable relationships throughout the entire customer journey.
  6. Digital orchestration: continuously improve your digital communication by combining moments events, analytics and customer interactions to surprise and delight your customers thoroughly.



Sebastian Dahm

Customer Experience Lead