SAP Customer Experience

SAP Customer Experience

SAP Customer Experience (known previously as SAP C/4HANA) is a Customer Experience suite integrates all aspects of marketing, commerce, sales into one coherent system. This will allow complete visibility of any business activity in your organisation by any departments.

See how your customers are engaging with your company. Covering every step in the process, you get to assess, understand, and anticipate customer interactions to grow your business better.

Why Customer Experience Is Needed Now More Than Ever

The modern-day consumer doesn't just want your product or service but also a frictionless customer experience. As any company be it B2B or B2C, the relationship you have with your customer goes beyond the transaction point. While marketing and online experience play a part in nurturing these relationship, CX is also highly dependent on back office and supply chain management.

With the right tools, you can oversee all aspects of CX from the front office to the back office. Having this bird's eye overview is crucial, considering that customers can engage with your business at any point of the transaction.

Redefining Customer Journey Webinar on Demand

Redefine the retail customer journey by blending the offline and online touchpoints to develop a holistic customer experience

SAP Customer Experience Clouds

SAP Customer Experience offers multiple cloud solutions that strengthen a specific CRM area. Explore the available clouds below:

SAP Customer Data Cloud

Obtain a single view of customers and create trusted relationships driven by consent.
Ethically gather, keep, and protect customer information. Maintain transparency and personal data control as your organisation unifies customer data sources. This way, you can deliver real-time personalised experiences while ensuring customer privacy.

SAP Marketing Cloud

Identify the right moments and provide the best offers to customers.
Access data from your organisation's marketing activities. Use this data to evaluate the impact of each marketing strategy and deepen your customer relationships. Create confident marketing decisions based on the full context of your customers to generate quality leads.

SAP Commerce Cloud

Lower the cost of customer support and optimise order tracking for customers.
SAP Commerce Cloud emphasises product content management, order management, and experience management. Make your selling and buying experience a lot more straightforward with an agile E-commerce platform. Through fast cloud deployment supported by serverless microservices, your organisation can keep up with the fast-changing market demands.

SAP Sales Cloud

Create custom sales quotes in seconds and motivate your sales team better.
Deliver exceptional sales experiences by centralising and automating critical selling processes. Improve your sales effectiveness with intelligent automation of labour-intensive tasks and data collection. Make every interaction count by managing your tracking performance online and offline.

SAP Service Cloud

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by aligning interactions design, event-based communication and customer data, businesses can innovate and focus on exactly the right moments in the customer journey and deliver an effortless experience