Low code rapid application development

Low code rapid application development

Move fast… and create long-term success Rapid Application Development as your ticket to swift digitization  

Low-code Rapid Application Development: set your business up for success

As a one-stop-shop solution provider, delaware provides rapid application development (RAD) through low-code platforms that fit your goals and needs. Get started quickly without losing sight of the long term, and create a low-code environment that benefits both business and IT.By lowering the threshold to creating applications, low-code platforms like Mendix and Microsoft Power Apps open up myriad opportunities for business improvement. Long-term success with rapid application development (RAD) through low-code platforms, however, depends on picking the solution that fits your goals and setting up a solid governance structure. delaware’s experience in business and IT and end-to-end approach is the fastest and most surefire way to long-term low-code greatness.

First off, what advantages do low-code platforms bring to businesses?

  • They allow business users to express their ideas in applications without overburdening the IT department, which encourages innovation from business users.
  • They help to keep the core ERP clean by allowing users to build applications around it.
  • They make businesses more agile to deal with rising customer expectations and evolving markets.
  • They unburden IT to focus on more critical jobs, like governance, support and the state of the core ERP.

Mendix or Microsoft Power Apps?

There are numerous low-code RAD platforms available today. At delaware, we partnered up with the undisputed leaders in the field: Mendix and Microsoft Power Apps.

Each of these solutions brings a unique proposition to the table in terms of usability, integration, scalability and configuration. As an independent consultant, our in-depth experience with each solution allows us to give unbiased advice on the best choice for your current organizational setup and your long- and short-term goals.

Are you looking for something out-of-the-box that isn't available in one of these platform? No problem, we team up with our custom development colleagues to create a building block to accommodate your demands.

It’s not about creating as many apps as possible. It’s about setting up a solid platform for success.
Siegfried Vanoverschelde

Governance is key

Picking the right solution is only half the story, however. Success with RAD is highly dependent on efficient governance. That’s where our expertise and end-to-end approach truly shine.

With in-house expertise from back-end development and web and mobile to security and even change management, we can guide you through all aspects of low-code implementation. What’s more, we have both the IT and the business experience to ensure that your organization will fully benefit from the improved dynamic between both.

What is it like to work with delaware?

Whether you reach out to us with a specific project or an open-ended question (’What can RAD mean for my business?’), we pride ourselves on a pragmatic, end-to-end approach that is tailored to your unique situation.

Our journey together always starts with a committment-free conversation in which we mostly listen to get an idea of where you’re at and what you need. In many cases, this is followed by a workshop in which we present you with viable solutions and ways forward. From then on, we cut the theory and get cooking: training, in-house development, support, guidance, change management. We have your back all the way through.

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