Infobip: Omnichannel Customer Experience Excellence

Infobip enables businesses across various industries to build connected interactions and maximise customer experiences. This occurs across all stages of the customer journey. The solutions can be implemented at scale with ease, supporting contextualised interactions over customers’ preferred channels.

Positive Customer Experience is now a given

Having great customer experience is now a given no matter in which sector: be it banking, insurance or utilities. A positive customer experience is critical to the success of any business because a happy customer tends to become a loyal customer who will contribute greatly to your revenue. How we think about the customer experience will affect how we see our business as a whole. That is why obsessing over and creating the best great customer experience is so crucial.



How can we help?

As a silver partner, delaware is qualified to distribute and implement Infobip solutions. Together with our strong knowledge in customer experience and capability in information management, we support organisations to help them uncover their customers’ needs and increase customer engagement. We are committed to delivering the best solution that will be essential for your business.

Why choose delaware?

  • We offer a structured approach.
  • We recombine business and technology.
  • We collaborate closely with your team.
  • We have over 15 years of experience in business transformation across numerous industries.
  • Our people’s mindset, the processes and structures, are set to realize the expectations we have created to always meet and exceed our client’s needs and expectations.