Six solutions digitales pour une supply chain agile​

Six digital solutions for an agile supply chain

Build a world-class, agile, adaptable and connected supply chain

This eBook focuses on the impact of digital solutions that enable companies to reap the full business benefits of an efficient supply chain. If you are a :

  • supply chain manager
  • scheduler / production / operations manager
  • warehouse manager
  • C-level or other senior manager

this thought leadership and accompanying solutions should 

resonate with you and provide ideas and solutions to consider.

Tools to boost your business and cope with a "constrained" economy

The resources, by default available, required little or no planning. In a constrained economy, companies are faced with unpredictable events. 

Shortages of raw materials, energy, material and human resources lead to high price volatility and consequently to dysfunctions in the supply chains.

What are the challenges for companies?

  • Anticipating and securing supplies to avoid these uncertainties
  • predict what can be predicted, in the long term
  • industrialize customer service choices and arbitrations

What are you doing to address your supply chain challenges?

Global supply chains are inherently at risk of being affected by current global events. So how will you equip your business to survive and thrive?

Over the past few years, we have faced major supply chain challenges including:

  • Supply Chain Constraints
  • Labor shortages
  • Loss of revenueManual processes
  • Increased freight expenses
  • Multiple systems

The eBook Six digital solutions for an agile supply chain from delaware offers concrete solutions to these challenges.

An end-to-end connected digital supply chain

In a 2022 survey, Gartner revealed the top 5 business benefits supply chain executives (CSCOs) and leaders expect from a robust digital supply chain ecosystem:

  • Faster response to unexpected changes or risks
  • Improved customer experience
  • Business growth
  • Reduced costs
  • Support the creation of new business models

To achieve this, you need the right culture, people, processes and technology. delaware aligns with industry best practices to help you rework your existing solution or transition to one optimized on best practices. 


Integrated Business Planning IBP)

Extended Warehouse Management (EWM)

Transportation management (TM)

Advance-Available-To-Promise (aATP)

Analytics For Supply Chain

Start assessing your supply chain

Let's start by discussing an assessment of your existing supply chain system, people and processes. From there, we can recommend next steps and areas of improvement in 4 keys areas: people, process, technology and culture.