Yes, our brain was built to react and make decisions in milliseconds based on the emotional system.

Our brain was created 40,000 years ago to survive and satisfy needs in a hostile world.

Today, we function exactly the same way and the user experience on your digital screens is no exception to this biological reality: an experience happens 100% in the user's brain.

Indeed, when your users arrive on your digital screens, they will constantly evaluate the path that you offer them.

This is exactly what your brain is doing, right now, while you are reading these few lines. They are asking themselves, "Is the content interesting? Is it worth reading on?" and decides what to do next.

An experience takes place 100% in the users' brain

That's why it's essential to understand the behavior of your users in order to offer them the path that corresponds to their habits, their expectations and their real needs. 

It is also essential to be able to quantify what users see, think and feel in order to evaluate your screens on an objective basis and avoid the "like it or not" syndrome.

In an increasingly complex world, not understanding user behavior is like creating screens blindly, leaving the achievement of your digital results to chance or luck.

In a world where digital screens are present in profusion, you are looking for partners able to bring you skills in User/Customer Experience and design so that your digital solutions are effective and generate return on investment.

In a world that is accelerating and where what has been learned is being challenged every 5 years, you are looking for partners who can bring you new skills and help you be innovative.

As experience with integrators remains very uneven, you are looking for a partner capable of deploying concrete solutions that respond to the real world.

Starting from your business objectives, our digital approach combines :


We help you formalize your digital objectives, refine and prioritize them.


Behavioral Analysis:

We analyze current user behaviors with more than 12 different techniques to get a 360° view. This view allows us to measure the gap between current behaviors and those needed to achieve business objectives.

Course design and cosmetic design:

In this phase we create the architecture of the paths and the architecture of the screens. Cosmetic and branding aspects are taken care of in order to realize several styles of graphic models.

Neuro-tests :

Based on hypotheses, we measure the real behaviors of the users in front of the screens - what they see, feel, understand, memorize, ... - using state-of-the-art techniques (Eyetracking, EEG, MRI, ...).


We integrate your needs in Sales, Marketing, Sales and Service for all the channels on which you are present through SAP Hybris, Sitecore, Adam, OpenText, ...

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