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Discover the full power of your people

Your people are integral to your company’s success. How we work is changing fast, so employees’ expectations are shifting rapidly. We’ll help you get equipped to manage change, so you’ll continue to thrive and stay ahead of the competition.

Working in partnership with you, our experts draw on the latest technology developments and decades of best practice knowhow, to ensure you achieve (and even exceed) your people goals and company objectives. 

 We bring a proven track record in helping HR leaders like you to:

  • Optimise HR programmes to attract the talent you need to thrive
  • Transform employee experiences to enjoy better retention
  • Increase organisational agility to capitalise on opportunities and respond to challenges
  • Unearth workforce insights that feed stronger, more strategic decision-making
We commit
to helping your workforce become more efficient, effective and innovative.

Build your new generation of people planning and employee experience strategies 

Together, we’ll pinpoint your specific needs and guide you through the range of tech solutions available. We’ll help you identify and implement those which best support your unique objectives. 

Today’s corporate decision makers need actionable, real-time insights that will inform and shape their strategic choices. By choosing the right solution and using it effectively, you will deliver precisely the reports your company needs to construct powerful people strategies. Proving HR’s vital role as a key voice in your management team. 

Migrate core HR tech to the cloud

  • Strengthen the HR function’s ability to address significant challenges
  • Greater mobile capability and productivity
  • Improve data management with ease, in real time, when centrally located
  • Cloud technology provides stronger layers of data security, makes disaster recovery easier
  • Improved user experience, encouraging greater employee engagement
  • Provides people with easier access to HR tools and information, regardless of location

Consolidate your solutions for better EX and UX

Increasingly, HR leaders and teams are seeking our advice on consolidating and integrating multiple HR tools and solutions. 

Many HR teams are still using six or more tools. Employees often feel overwhelmed by multiple separate tools, apps, and resources. The majority of employers and employees prefer a single platform. 

Integrated EX technology is valuable throughout the entire employee lifecycle

Discover the integral, strategic role people could be playing in your business

The right tech solutions will boost your top and bottom line: driving your business performance, encouraging growth and delivering you a more robust return on investment.

By getting the right system in place, you will:

  • recruit and retain the stronger talent
  • highly motivate your people
  • inspire stronger employee performance

An unmissable opportunity to improve onboarding

  • Be one of the 12% of companies whose employees say do a great job onboarding!
  • Companies with well-structured onboarding are more likely to retain new hires
  • Stronger return on recruitment investment 
  • Recruits access learning and training, connecting and collaborating with new colleagues

Embrace the benefits of AI

  • Reduce effort spent on time-consuming and mundane tasks 
  • Accelerate change and productivity
  • Cognitive decision making
  • Better talent acquisition

Empower employees with self-service tools and resources

Equip your employees with the tools to take control of their data and resolve routine issues themselves. The benefits are proven:

  • Time and resources are saved, freeing HR up to focus on higher value tasks 
  • Improved efficiency and productivity leads to greater employee and manager satisfaction
  • Faster communication ensures actionable real-time data
  • Stronger security and data protection
  • Greater data transparency, informing sharper insights
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Taking employee experience to the next level with SAP SuccessFactors

Your people are much more than interchangeable assets. They are the core of your organisation and more importantly, they know it. And so, HCM becomes HXM, Human Experience Management. 

Experience the future of HR with Delaware and SAP SuccessFactors.

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Drive success for your people and your business with Microsoft Dynamics 365

The way we work, where work is done, and employee expectations have changed. Now is the time to get the right solutions in place to improve visibility into your workforce and tracking HR programs - so you can empower your people, while lowering costs and mitigating risk.

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