Print and packaging

Print and packaging

Delivering excellence for the print and packaging industry

In 2020 Dr. Lauterbach & Partner GmbH (LP.) joined the Delaware partnership. With its unique LP. Print & Packaging solution, it brings along many years of experience in this industry. The cross-industry experience and combined expertise has proven hugely beneficial to our SAP solution offerings.

The LP. Solution Suite offers a future-proof end-to-end solution via the combination of the worldwide SAP business standard and the pre-defined industry solution. By linking business operating processes with the technical workflow, businesses benefit from the highest levels of productivity, transparency and a quick ROI.

What are the benefits?

  • Improved decision making: Delaware's master data specification system eliminates redundancy, providing accurate and relevant data for better business decisions and insights throughout the value chain.
  • Faster product development: Our Engineering and SKU Cockpit accelerates and simplifies the process of developing and introducing new products, enabling companies to bring innovations to market more swiftly.
  • Quicker quoting process: The Delaware Pricing Cockpit automates costing, pricing, and variant creation, reducing the response time to quote new business opportunities.
  • Enhanced efficiency: By optimizing production planning and scheduling through tools like Delaware Sequence Planning, Composer, and SAP PP/DS extensions, businesses can reduce waste and increase productivity.
  • Comprehensive traceability: Leveraging digital manufacturing standards and Delaware MES & IoT integration ensures seamless capture of shop floor data, facilitating gapless product genealogy and traceability across all operations in preparation for Industry 4.0 advancements.
Together with Delaware, Wipak automated the digital print production process from simplified order entry to integrated prepress and production connectivity with delivery - setting new standards for our packaging printing.

FAST print and packaging: a template solution, powered by SAP S/4HANA

Since 1992, we have been implementing leading ERP systems successfully for the print and packaging industry, with customers ranging from medium-sized companies to global enterprises. Based on this experience, we have developed a pre-configured industry solution powered by the world-leading SAP S/4HANA platform. To explore the full solution capabilities, download our eBook.