Environmental, social, governance

Being a socially responsible company means that we try to leave the world in a better position than we found it. We are incredibly passionate about the well-being of our employees, our partners and the world around us. Over the years our ESG task-forces have launched several initiatives and are continuing to build on and develop these as we grow. We truly believe that thanks to these efforts, we can have a positive impact on our broader environment.

Building a legacy of environmental, community and employee well-being

Our goal is to build a long standing organisation with sustainability at the core of our ethos. To achieve that, we will follow a multifaceted approach targeting carbon neutrality of our operations, contributing positively to surrounding communities and boosting the well-being of our employees by inviting them to constructive debate and equal engagement. 

Our sustainability goals will deliver impact internally, through our operations and business practices, and externally, through our service offerings to customers.

Realising a dream for today, tomorrow and succeeding generations is not something you do overnight, and we know our responsibility goes beyond taking care of our own company - that's why ESG has become a vital part of our identity and our strategy.
Jan Delaere - Founding Partner & Chairman

Empowering change

We believe that the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals provide us with a strategic framework that helps us to realise our purpose. We are strongly committed to achieving the SDGs through both our global and local initiatives.

Our diversity and inclusion pledge

Respect for every individual is at the heart of our company and there is absolutely no room for prejudice, intolerance or discrimination.We strive for true inclusion which implies removing all barriers and biases as well as all forms of discrimination and intolerance. We want to provide the solid ground that makes every individual feel respected and supported. Our equal growth opportunities are aimed at making sure that all #peopleofdelaware feel they belong.

“I’m convinced that true inclusion leads to happier, more agile and stronger teams.” 

Jan Delaere, founding partner and chairman of Delaware, gives his view on Diversity & Inclusion in IT. 

"It's really important to have different perspectives in a team. In IT you're judged on skill and ability, not on gender or status."

The #WomenofDelaware discuss their careers in technology. We believe in our fantastic people and actively support their unique journeys through ongoing allyship.

“When Diversity & Inclusion is a reality, it opens new perspectives to everyone, which allows talent to reach their full potential.” 

Listen to Paulo Bamba explain why he values Delaware’s D&I projects. 

At Delaware, we aspire to create a culture where everyone feels respected, is able to grow and feels empowered to reach their full potential.

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