Role of continuous education in modern career

Apr 28, 2022

At delaware Germany, we care that our employees realize their full potential, and we are really glad when they don't stop in their education and strive to become a better version of themselves.
Benjamin Mertens is a proponent of continuous education. In this blog post, he shares his educational experience and how it impacted his career.

After my apprenticeship as an IT specialist for application development (IHK), it was immediately clear to me that I wanted to deepen my knowledge with a bachelors degree within business enviroment. It quickly became clear to me that the dual study programme was the right way to put the knowledge I had acquired during my apprenticeship into practice from day one. 

When I was looking for a company to work for, I came across delaware germany GmbH (formerly Dr. Lauterbach & Partner GmbH). As a business consultancy with a focus on SAP, I saw the opportunity to quickly take on responsibility in a dynamic working environment and to develop tailor-made IT solutions in direct contact with our customers. 

From the very first day, I was actively involved in the project activities at the client's site and was allowed to take on relevant project assignments. Personal commitment was always encouraged, so that I was able to take over (partial) project management in various projects even during my studies. After completing my bachelor's degree at ASW, I was offered the opportunity to complete a master's degree.

learning is like rowing against the stream: if you stop you’re moving backwards

The dual study programme at ASW supported me perfectly on my way into working practice. I was able to use much of the ASW's teaching content during my studies. And even today, almost four years after my graduation, I regularly find points from the curriculum in my daily work. 

Today, seven years after the beginning of my dual studies at the ASW, I am still employed at delaware germany GmbH and lead a small team and I am also happy to be able to mentor a dual student at the ASW in my team. 

Looking back and comparing my experience with the consecutive Master's programme at a university of applied sciences, I can say that the ASW offers excellent teaching quality in the context of dual studies. During my studies, I particularly appreciated the excellent organisation, as well as the class cohesion and the support offered by the lecturers.