Microsoft for Digital Supply Chain

Microsoft for Digital Supply Chain

Create the resilient, sustainable supply chain you need with Dynamics

We know that building resilience into supply chains is top-of-mind and positively impacts a company’s bottom line. Delaware can support you by building an agile supply chain, one that mitigates and automatically reacts to challenges using real-time visibility, pro-active planning, while intuitively supporting business continuity. Which is why we partner with Microsoft. 

Dynamics 365 is simply next-level. It predicts demand using AI to make inventory decisions with supply planning, eliminating stock issues such as overstocking, saving your business unnecessary down time.

Migrating to Microsoft provides the peace of mind and resilience you need, with cutting-edge updates to keep your supply chain safe and secure.

Accurate and agile, from order to fulfilment

Gain visibility into customer demand, supply, capacity and inventory with Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management and build a robust supply chain that exceeds customer expectations. A few of the key benefits include:

•    Flexible fulfilment options - from home delivery to in-store and online order pick-up

•    Enhanced customer experiences - with availability, order status and delivery status 

•    Real-time order life-cycle insights - from custom dashboards, insights as you need them

Major shocks to supply and demand during the pandemic exposed the vulnerabilities of the global supply chain, with nearly 70% of supply chain leaders constantly responding to disruptions since the beginning of 2019*.
* Gartner® Supply Chain Executive Report: Shaping Supply Chain Disruption in a Volatile Risk Environment, May 2021.

Futureproof your procurement strategy

Dynamics 365 enables you to perform proactive maintenance, reducing downtime, which supports accurate change management so you can reduce delivery times and optimise inventory, automating operations, and increasing output.

Speak to our Microsoft experts to find out how you can:

•    Streamline vendor collaboration

•    Enhance your cost management

•    Agile procurement workflows

•    Build resilient supplier networks

•    Make smart purchasing decisions

Supply chain sustainability

It’s clear, organisations utilising the right tools have access to the best insights, putting them in the strongest possible position to identify inefficiencies, track emissions, and implement mitigation strategies. Through a robust digital transformation strategy, your business can successfully reduce your environmental impact, helping you get to Net Zero - faster.

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