Supply Chain & Operations

Supply Chain & Operations

The digital supply chain

Which steps do footwear companies take to turn leather and fabric into a finished shoe? How exactly did those frozen peas get into that bag and into your shopping cart? Thanks to technology, we can provide an answer to the ever-quickening move from supplier to customer. In our mission to digitize the supply chain, we implement ERP systems and guide our customers through the entire transformation process.

Making an impact

There used to be a clear-cut distinction between the ones analyzing the business processes and the ones implementing the software in support of those processes. No more: Together with our customers, we define the business-IT alignment in a smart and sustainable way. In close collaboration with our technology partners SAP and Microsoft, we create a profound impact on the day-to-day operations.

The business reality

Our consultants get to know the ins and outs of our customers’ companies. Only then can we start translating the business process requirements into technological solutions. With a client portfolio as diverse as delaware’s, one day you may be talking to a machine operator on the factory floor, the next it’s the COO. A supply chain & operations consultant easily adapts to the environment he or she is in.

we make the difference because we truly understand the need of the customer, and have the talent and size to deliver a top-notch solution within the expected timeframe
William Sluyters - SAP IS-U consultant

What keeps our heart beating

Today’s rapidly evolving IT landscape is the perfect environment to immerse yourself into different industries, gaining insights into what goes on behind closed (factory) doors, all while staying on top of innovation.

  • Most of us don’t write code. Our consultants rely on sound business knowledge and take a helicopter view of how a business is managed
  • We aim to customize and future-proof existing systems in such ways that they keep meeting the customer’s needs
  • You will go along paths that haven’t been smoothed out for you. But, an entire network of like-minded experts is standing right behind you!

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