Cloud for analytics

Cloud for analytics

Why Cloud for Analytics is a rising star

Our Cloud for Analytics solutions will enable you to see the wood for the trees in a truly smart world.

Data gravity will be our part: the more data is stored in the cloud, the more analysis will run in the cloud as well.

Analytics is all about utilizing computational power to provide answers to complex questions and for superb visualization. However, it’s as if these two main drivers for running analytics were destined for cloud development too.

Cloud for Analytics solutions build on three major advantages of cloud computing: scalability, fast processing of large amounts of data, and mobile accessibility.

Think of analyzing tons of data from sensors (IoT) or social media, or of consulting business visuals on the spot – unimaginable without the cloud.We don’t have a crystal ball, but we do have Microsoft Power BI (update link), SAP BusinessObjects Cloud (update link) and Tableau Online [update link].

Big data has become prevalent in our lives.
Betsy Burton, Gartner analyst

We bring cloud-based insights closer to you

We help you to access information on the fly.

In the first instance, the cloud increases the complexity of your analytical environment as you have to combine your conventional data with new possibilities. As an integrator and trusted advisor we assist you in dealing with that complexity and help to leverage the power of the cloud for your analytics.

The number of different data sources is growing and at the same time legislation is tightening – e.g. the new European data regulation (GDPR). How should you handle that? And how can you ensure that you continue to run your conventional systems, while simultaneously investing in the power of the cloud?

We not only know the on-premise analytical solutions, but thanks to our innovative DNA we also feel equally at home in the cloud. We provide various technologies from major players in the analytical field, which enables us to find the right solution for each customer.

Today, you are literally just one click away from new, value-adding insights. Don’t hesitate; bring your analytical computing power up to speed right now!

Never in the history of Stage Entertainment was a holistic marketing database of this calibre available.
Sönke Scobel, Head of Yield Management at Stage Entertainment

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