Retail and Consumer Markets

Retail and Consumer Markets

Redesigning retail and consumer market businesses for the digital age

Global reach, disruptive new purchasing options and changing customer expectations are defining the evolution of modern retail and consumer markets. How does your B2B or B2C sales company stack up?

The rules of retail have changed. Even the classical models of brick-and-mortar companies have to adapt to respond to the demands of a completely different marketplace – one that’s tech-savvy, service-driven and keen on flexibility. Businesses and consumers are increasingly global, connected and social, which might mean adding new functionalities onto existing IT infrastructure… Or completely transforming the way you operate.

New challenges, new opportunities

The most important strategic question that retailers and consumer market businesses are facing: “How do you want to combine both online and in-store channels – and to what extent?” E-commerce is the single biggest challenge and differentiator in the sector and can impact every business activity. Related obstacles include:

  • high volumes of goods movement;
  • high costs of investment for scalable IT systems;
  • highly competitive pricing in online retailing;
  • streamlining the customer experience across channels;
  • big data standardization and analysis;
  • complexities involved in changing business models, organizational structures and channels;
  • demand for extremely precise forecasting.

Retailers of all sizes need a partner with the experience and versatility to cover every single impacted business process. To built an effective, streamlined e-commerce system that meets the needs of your unique business, you may need to redesign everything, including your back office system. However, doing it right could make you the next big player in your target market, and the payoffs are huge.

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FAST RETAIL: all the benefits of SAP, no matter your size

Targeted SAP solutions for retail and distribution companies aren’t just for multinational enterprises; SMEs also benefit from our FAST RETAIL module, which supports your business processes from headquarters to store, purchasing to warehouse management, online and offline sales and more. This module brings you the power of:

  • an flexible, efficient ERP system that supports your entire supply chain;
  • strategic customer analysis, pinpoint control over margins through price accuracy and precision inventory and supply management;
  • e-business and e-tail functionalities to link sales, suppliers and purchasing processes
  • a full-spectrum KPI profile for retailers and distributors;
  • a full-functionality CRM and point-of-sale solution that supports all sales processes;
  • data-enriched processes, marketing campaigns, promotions and more;
  • advanced warehousing and picking solutions.

Strategic advice backed by experience

Ready to take the leap into e-commerce – or simply test the waters? There are three dimensions to the e-commerce challenge that delaware can help you tackle :

  1. Optimizing the classical processes of a brick-and-mortar business, such as supply chain, purchasing, finance and logistics, before taking a single step on the path to e-commerce.
  2. Analyzing the impacts of e-commerce on your business, keeping in mind that the relationship between consumer markets and retail is growing ever-closer.
  3. Determining the impacts of innovations such as beacons, IoT, predictive analytics, robots and more on your business activities.

Why choose delaware

  • We work with you to help you identify the most appropriate tools, applications and solutions for your business model.
  • We are actively present in the retail and consumer markets industry; numerous companies currently rely on FAST RETAIL.
  • Our experienced retail team is composed of specialists in logistics, marketing, finance and reporting.
  • We take an agile approach to projects and collaborate closely with your team to ensure the most impactful results.