Our values connect +3,000 people across the world. 

Can you feel it?

Care, respect, commitment, entrepreneurship and team spirit – no, we don’t go around the office chanting these values but real #peopleofdelaware do let them inspire their work, communication and behavior.

Our shared values create a sense of harmony that brings people of all backgrounds closer together. So much so that some would claim it’s impossible to fake being part of the #peopleofdelaware. What do you think?

The 5 values that define our way of working

Shaping the future takes a certain type of mindset – one that facilitates a free-flowing exchange of ideas and expertise. One that builds trust and fosters innovation. One that all #peopleofdelaware proudly share.

If you get to know us and our company culture, you’ll quickly notice that those 5 values aren’t just words on a wall but underpin a consistent way of working.

Care – take responsibility

We commit. We deliver. At work and home. That’s why we all try to eat veggies one day a week and support our colleagues to go out and help charities on the clock.

Respect – embrace difference

Treat others like you want to be treated yourself. We don’t play politics. We do communicate openly. We don’t put pressure on colleagues. We do push each other to go further.

Commitment – stay determined

Our consultants obsessively look for the ideal solution for our clients. That’s just who we are.

Team spirit – better together

Having a bad day is human. Helping your colleague turn their frown upside down makes you an awesome human.

Entrepreneurship – cherish creativity and drive

See the potential for improvement? No need for a committee meeting – just take it on yourself.

We hire to inspire

delaware’s 5 core values allow us to be super flexible. They offer the strong foundation our people need to work in 30+ autonomous teams, to enjoy internal mobility and to connect. We call it the beehive (but you can call it whatever you like).

With such flexibility, you’ll be sure to find your perfect fit. But where will your journey be starting from?