Junior analyst onboarding experience at delaware

Oct 25, 2023

September marked the annual Analyst Bootcamp, where the new juniors of delaware from all around the world came together to learn the basics of their future projects while getting to know their teammates and delaware better. In 2023, the Hungarian entity was represented in person for the second time: this year, our colleagues not only travelled to Belgium from Budapest but also from Debrecen. They returned home with countless unforgettable memories, which they have shared with us. 

Introduction to the business world

During the first week, the juniors focused on getting to know each other. They learned essential business skills, such as consulting techniques, ethics, and values, through partner greetings, trainings, and team-building activities. Our colleagues were organized into international teams, including members from France, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands, to work together. At the week's end, the #peopleofdelaware presented their ideas to the group, adding the finishing touch to an enriching experience. 

From theory to reality

In the following weeks, our colleagues visited delaware's offices in Ghent, Kortrijk, Antwerp, and Vavre. They familiarized themselves with delaware's main partners, SAP and Microsoft, and put their newly acquired knowledge into practice during the last week. 

Junior SAP consultants gained a fundamental understanding of enterprise resource planning systems and engaged in module-specific trainings. At the bootcamp's conclusion, they experienced firsthand what it's like to create, sell, and deliver a product as a team, which knowledge they then presented to senior consultants as part of a mini business game. This process provided valuable insights into the daily tasks of a consultant and prepared them for future projects. 

However, of course, the participants also found time on weekends to explore nearby cities like Bruges and Oostende. Some colleagues even visited the Netherlands and Germany during the bootcamp. 

I am sure that the experiences and learning materials gained at the bootcamp will be useful in my future

The members of the Microsoft Integration team familiarized themselves with Azure, various technologies, and delaware's own integration platform.  the Integration team consisting of Belgian and Hungarian colleagues became very close-knit by the end of the month, so they were looking forward to returning to the Hungarian offices to continue working together.

Meanwhile, members of the Microsoft Integration team delved into Azure, various technologies, and delaware's own integration platform. "In addition to the theoretical materials, we also received a lot of practical tasks, which helped a lot in understanding all the new information," said one of our colleagues, who also shared that the close-knit Integration team, comprising colleagues from Belgium and Hungary, looked forward to continuing their collaboration in the Hungarian offices. 

The trainers were really understanding, helpful and down-to-earth, and they had an immense knowledge base that they shared with us openly

What’s next?

As the bootcamp concluded, our colleagues returned with renewed enthusiasm and motivation. They agreed that the experience provided an excellent opportunity for professional and personal development. In the first semester, they will apply their newly acquired skills to client projects while continuing to deepen their knowledge through additional training, ensuring sustainable long-term development. 

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