Motivation at the workplace

Mar 16, 2023

Whoever we ask why they love working for delaware, the team is always among the very first answers. In the Hungarian office, we put a big emphasis on supporting our colleagues in their professional career. Thus, we have collected all the motivational aspects of working for delaware Hungary...

Flexible schedule

One of the biggest benefits of working for delaware is the flexibility that all employees are provided: this enables us to schedule our time according to our needs. Despite the official working hours starting at 9 am and finishing at 5 pm, in case you need to take your kids to kindergarten or your dog for a walk, you can fit these duties into your day. You do not need to stress about any personal businesses coming up, it is natural for us to create a healthy work-life balance. 


Keeping our employees’ professional improvement a priority, everyone has the opportunity to choose training in their own field to deepen their knowledge – and we finance it. So, if during a project a task occurs that you are not that familiar with, you can choose your training accordingly to gain more expertise. 

In 2022, among others we have participated in the following trainings: 

  • Enterprise architecture 
  • Kentico experience 13 developing 
  • Sitecore 
  • Microsoft Azure 

Exciting projects

At delaware, no day is the same: the various local and global projects across different industries always offer some exciting challenges for the employees. When we are not preparing for going live, we love to organize professional meetups – the last Sitecore meetup took place in the office after the Symposyum -, business brunches – in November, together with Optimizely we talked about the IT challenges of the different industries – and you can always find us at career fairs as well. 

Team buildings

We love spending time together outside of the office, so we are happy that more and more employees are organizing get-togethers after working hours. For example, last year we had multiple terrace parties and boardgame nights, but have also organized some gaming nights, a mulled wine night and we even went painting. If you want to know more about how the #peopleofdelaware are spending their time after hours, you can always check our social pages for more behind-the-scenes content. 

What is more, we organize each year a teambuilding for the entire company and in 2022, we spent a weekend together in Kecskemét. As social responsibility is crucial for us, here, after a night of an amazing dinner and dancing, we renewed a playing ground with the Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta, and giving something back to the community together was really the icing on the cake during this remarkable weekend. 

Két delaware munkavállaló festi Kecskeméten a kerítést társadalmi felelősségvállalási tevékenységünk keretein belül.

Turning ideas to reality

delaware is a young, dynamic and innovative company where we appreciate all our employees and encourage them to bring their ideas, professional aspirations and business visions to life. Accordingly, we provide continuous possibility to share their ideas which we try to implement in our daily lives and strategy as well. 

International opportunities

delaware has a strong international background and we have colleagues in all continents of the world. Thanks to that, international projects and meetings with foreigners are parts of our everyday lives, and of course, from time to time we visit our foreigner colleagues and customers in person as well. Given that, our colleagues cannot only be a part of global projects virtually but can also experience first-hand  how our different technologies and systems connect with production lines, warehouses or other physical tools. 

Yearly surveys

Our goal is to provide a working environment for our team where everyone feels comfortable and is assured how important their daily contribution to the company is. To do so, we review each year how satisfied our employees are with their environment and opportunities, plus, in which fields they are looking for improvements. 

Our most recent survey was conducted at the end of 2022, so one of our main goals for the first quarter of 2023 is to review the recommendations and implementing them to make the everyday lives of the #peopleofdelaware even better. 

Would you like to join our constantly growing team? Here, you can see all our current vacancies. We hope to meet you soon in person as well!