The first visit of our junior colleagues in the Belgian Analyst Bootcamp

Nov 08, 2022
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In September, all over the world total of 160 new juniors have joined the offices of delaware; thus, the annual Analyst Bootcamp was organized again in Belgium. The goal of this one month long onboarding is to create a possibility for the new employees to get familiar with the company and their future tasks. This year, we are proud to announce that Hungary was firstly represented in person by our four new colleagues, while we have been eager to hear their stories about their experiences.

delaware finds the onboarding journey of the new employees extremely important since the initial trainings and experiences heavily determine their motivation and future work performance. In order to support this period, the Bootcamp was created a couple years ago: the one-month long event series prepare the newbies of delaware for their future tasks and challenges, while they can also focus on helping teammates get to know one another outside of the offices as well.

Four new joiners of delaware Hungary and the Hungarian recruiter is smiling in Ghent in the beginning of the annual Belgian Analyst Bootcamp

Integration week

During the first week, the aim was forthe juniors get to know each other: Jan de Bock, delaware’s Managing Director opened the onboarding session, which was followed by the different leaders presenting the company’s history, values and mission. These presentations also emphasized how important delaware finds the dynamic and youthful approach, an attitude that is essential in the IT industry.

Throughout the week, our juniors participated in all programmes: they had the chance to see the delaware mentality during the business and sightseeing games and were motivated to start the next weeks where the emphasis was rather on the professional challenges.

The favourite part of the week was the Flag-game for the Hungarians, where all the participants could experience how difficult it is to make quick and efficient decisions without an integrated ERP system. This way, they saw how vital one of our main services, the implementation of SAP is.

Professional trainings

After the integration programmes, our juniors headed to one of the three Belgian offices: Balazs and Dani stayed in Ghent since their following trainings were organized there, while Roli and Szabi travelled to the small, but spectacular city of Kortrijkt.

In the next three weeks, they were introduced to their teams and team leaders, then they dived deep into work. Seniors of delaware talked about different areas of IT, such as the deep framework, the front- and the backend, the MSSQL database and the monitoring. These trainings were more and more exciting as the boys got a clearer picture about their responsabilities: for instance, Dani and his team went through the end-to-end process of the development of a web application.

In the meantime, Szabi and Roli travelled back to Ghent twice to participate in presentation technique and ergonomical trainings.

According to our juniors, these trainings helped them a lot in getting familiar with the international projects, while it also gave them basic knowledge on how to start their work in the Hungarian office. At the moment, they are still talking about their exciting experiences in our office and are using all the knowledge they have acquired in Belgium. Meanwhile, given that they met all the people they work with from now on, it is easier and more enjoyable to contact these international colleagues.

Juniors from all around the world are sitting at tables at a training in Belgium

The best experiences

The timing of the bootcamp was perfect since the Belgian Sporty B1 event took place in Antwerpen in September. As a result, they were invited there and could see such a monumental event personally. The participants there could try themselves in different sports - such as basketball, dance, graffiti and darts - which the Hungarians also took advantage of.

Another memorable thing was the office atmosphere in Belgium: there were always some tasty treats to go with the usually filling lunches. However, the favourite part for the boys was the pet-friendlyness in the offices: on special days they were able to the furry companions of the Belgian colleagues who accompanied them to work.

We are proud that the #peopleofdelaware of the Hungarian office have such opportunities and are excited to see what the future bootcamps will bring. For now, we wish all the best for our juniors in their careers!

A hand is holding a cup with the we commit. we deliver. tagline in one of the Belgian offices of delaware