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Launching dFund: a full-support venture-building accelerator

Mar 04, 2021
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With dFund, a high-value accelerator, delaware offers mentorship and funding packages to 6 early-stage seeding opportunities and well-developed product ideas per year in a range of industrial and high-tech industries. The accelerator offers selected participants tailored support to develop and industrialize a software solution, ensuring sustainable growth with continuous support and coaching from our experts and other professionals within our broad ecosystem. In doing so, dFund builds successful businesses – and delivers value for delaware’s clients, employees, vendors and investor partners.

Driven by our values, backed by the entire delaware ecosystem

As a rapidly growing global company that delivers advanced solutions to support the sustainable growth of organizations, delaware wants to make positive impacts on the world. With this ambition in mind, delaware established the dFund venture builder: an accelerator that enables people both within and outside delaware to transform innovative product ideas into sustainable businesses.

The dFund accelerator has a separate governance model from delaware, and a mandate to discover and develop new, scalable solutions relevant to delaware’s core business. dFund offers start-ups a solid foundation for growth by combining the assets of the entire delaware ecosystem with those of professional investors to maximize early revenue and mitigate technological risks.

Offering not just cash – but smart capital

delaware has almost 20 years of proven experience in capturing the needs of customers and building and integrating technology-driven solutions to solve challenges and deliver business value in a number of industries. Thanks to this experience, we are uniquely positioned as a venture builder that can support early-stage businesses with both cash and in-kind ‘smart capital’.

This smart capital may include shared resources such as training, toolkits and partnerships, shared business-related services like finance and legal support, as well as core services such as leadership building, product management and technology strategy. After the acceleration, launch and scale-up of a selected initiative, we continue in the role of coach, sparring partner, reseller and integrator in the long term.

A unique approach to venture building

The dFund team works with initiatives with an initial solution that offers proven value, and a passionate founding team experienced in management, sales and delivery. However, projects are accelerated only if a third-party professional investor partner also jumps on board.

Over a period of around six months, our team of experts takes a tailor-made approach to helping selected start-ups achieve their dreams. Initiatives receive a customized game plan with concrete milestones and the support of two dedicated delaware mentors that assist the founding team in securing the right support and resources at the right moment.

Learn more about the entry requirements for the Dragon's Den and register your initiative at dfund.delaware.pro.

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