Getting to know our juniors: the pet edition

Jan 05, 2017

In our 2 previous articles, we asked our junior colleagues to provide pictures of themselves during their travels and practicing their hobbies.

In today’s edition, 8 junior consultants take us to a new and unexplored realm: the animal kingdom. Please join me in finding out more about their pets and why they chose these specific pictures!


This picture was taken 2 years ago in South Africa on a Safari in Addo Elephant National Park. In the back you can see a meerkat (a small southern African mongoose). This totem was given to me at the Scouts, so it has a special meaning. This was the first time I’d seen a meerkat in real life.


Meet Poews, my new best friend. Just like her I'm a curious person. We are both eager to learn and always accept a challenge. After a working day we like to watch TV series and browse the internet.


According to many stereotypes, it may seem a little absurd to compare yourself with a donkey. But after some research ( and the lack of any other animal picture :P), I discovered that I may have more in common with my donkey friend than first thought. Besides the fact that we have a high cuddle factor in common :P, both of us are also are rather stubborn and determined. Once my goal is set, I don’t stop until I’ve achieved it. Other common qualities are endurance and patience.


The dog you see is not my own pet but my parents-in-law’s. Besides my long-standing relationship, he symbolizes the path I’ve taken these last few years. I met him when I was still studying music and wasn’t even thinking about a future in IT. Now I’m living my life as a junior IT consultant and he still jumps for joy when I arrive home.


I share a house in the center of Antwerp with two of my friends. Since I moved in with Glenn and Gaetan, a pet has become a bit redundant. The resemblance between my friends and pets is pretty striking. Most of the time they sleep, you have to feed them twice a day and, from time to time, you take them for a walk. In return, you receive a lot of affection and it’s pleasant to have them as a companion. Big advantage compared to pets: you can have a beer with them!


Meet Oliver (or Oli to friends and family), my 8-year-old Garfield. It was my sister that made him part of our family since I’m not a cat-person. I can best describe him as the complete opposite of myself. He likes to be alone, lies all day long on his back, loves eating greasy food (that explains his size) and is very anti-social. Even though we are totally unalike, I couldn’t be without him because you know what they say about opposites…


I didn't really choose this picture; I was forced to take one with my girlfriend’s cat. His name is Moesti, Bol or Dikje, because of his great weight and size. He weighs about 10kg. When I fell in love with her, she told me she had a cat. So, from that moment on, he was also my cat. Consequently, I believe Bol deserves to be in this picture.


Loes (our lovely cat) is almost 17 years old and has been around for the major part of my life. She is a curious, adventurous and independent animal who likes to relax at home after a busy day. My cat and I share quite a lot of characteristics, but whereas my cat likes to discover my backyard, I like to discover how IT can innovate and change the world.