Salesforce B2B Commerce

Salesforce B2B Commerce

An AI-driven B2B e-commerce platform

Amaze customers and business partners with a seamless, personalized and transparent online purchasing experience that radiates a distinct B2C-feel. Salesforce B2B Commerce is the first AI-driven customer platform that significantly boosts conversions, customer satisfaction, and loyalty.


Salesforce B2B Commerce offers many benefits, such as simplified self-service online purchasing, consumer-focused experiences, streamlined order management and processing, smart product recommendations and relevant insights and frequent releases of value-adding features. All in a compelling and intuitive user environment, and across all customer touchpoints and devices. 

Make your and your customers’ lives easier with a B2B order platform that offers personalized omnichannel experiences. You get a powerful, modular and cloud-based partner portal that enables you to grow sales, reduce costs and launch fast. They get the same seamless shopping experience they’re accustomed to in their personal lives.

Three reasons to set up a self-service customer portal

  1. Grow and conquer new markets without increasing overhead.
  2. Create a customer experience on par with B2C standards
  3. Boost conversions and customer loyalty with AI-driven capabilities like personalized recommendations, …

See the big picture with Salesforce

Take full control over your customer relationships with Salesforce’s ‘Customer 360’ concept. From exploring new markets, to maintaining partnerships and post-sale follow-up and services. Leverage the power of the most popular CRM packages currently available, and tackle every challenge with confidence. 

Salesforce’s investment in B2B commerce technology further adds to this vision. In close collaboration with companies like yours, new features are added on a regular basis. The goal? Allowing you to reach your audience in a professional and personalized manner, and your teams to find the information they need, fast and securely.

Speed and efficiency

In our current environment, speed and efficiency are crucial for success. Setting up a B2B portal shouldn’t take months. With Salesforce B2B Commerce and delaware, you have all the tools and expertise you need to go live in just a few weeks. Moreover, thanks to the Progressive Web App (PWA) Kit,  you’ll set up a fully functional mobile-first webshop in just a few days.

A touch of delaware

We know Microsoft. We know SAP. And we know Salesforce. But more importantly, thanks to our vast experience in numerous industries, we can confidently assess which solution best suits your needs. Even down to the specific integrations and functionalities you’ll need to prioritize to get ahead.