AI Capabilities in SAP CX: A Complete Overview

Jan 05, 2024
  • sales, marketing and service
  • SAP
  • artificial intelligence & RPA

Artificial intelligence is at the forefront of current discussions, with rapid adoption across various industries. It is estimated to add between $2.6 billion and $4.4 billion to the global economy. This article highlights the different AI categories and associated capabilities that can be leveraged across the SAP CX product portfolio. 

SAP Business AI approach: anticipate, automate, personalize 

AI-enabled processes allow organizations to anticipate customer behavior, automate certain tasks, and personalize each step of the customer journey. Using the SAP Business AI technology platform, customer data solutions (sales, service, marketing and commerce) are connected to operational data solutions (ERP, SCM, HCM, FM, etc.).

AI categories and use cases

There are three categories of AI capabilities: predictive, generative, and conversational. Predictive uses statistical algorithms and machine learning to anticipate trends, behaviors, and patterns from large data sources. Generative creates new content based on input data, while conversational allows computers to understand and process human language.   

Predictive use of AI in SAP CX (Customer Experience)

AI prediction in SAP CX offers features: 

  • predictive customer segmentation ,   

  • optimizing the timing  of sending  campaigns 

  • personalized  content and  product recommendations 

  • optimization  of  scoring  and analysis  of prospects and opportunities,  

  • of  categorization  automatic creation of customer cases 

  • analysis  of customer behavior linked to  the search  for content or products and even authentication  or  payment to secure exchanges   

Generative and conversational capabilities to come  

Generative capability in SAP CX enables  :

  • the  generation of new personalized content .   

  • optimizing  the  360° vision of customers  and  interactions 

  • assistance  and/or automatic resolution of customer cases 

  • implementing an integrated digital assistant, allowing employees to ask questions in natural language and receive intelligent responses based on business data 

The Present and Future of AI in SAP CX 

In summary, SAP CX integrates predictive, generative, and conversational AI capabilities to improve business operations. These features already exist in several solutions and others are planned for the near future. This marks a significant milestone in how AI is transforming customer experience and business operations within the SAP ecosystem.