A Study in Synergy - ELMŰ customer case

Oct 28, 2019

A service provider whose slogan is “Get comfortable with your energy issues” knows firsthand how important user friendliness is.  ELMŰ-ÉMÁSZ, being one of the main electric power distribution companies in Hungary, has over 125 years of experience dealing with users and their extensive and varying needs. In order to fulfill the ever changing expectations, ELMŰ-ÉMÁSZ, along with its German parent company Innogy SE, has decided to use Sitecore as their web content management and digital experience platform as Sitecore has proven over the years, as in their words: “being such an amazingly flexible system, allowing users for easy modifications without having the need for constant intervention from developers.”

A match made in business heaven

When last year ELMŰ-ÉMÁSZ made the decision to move forward with the migration of their e-mobility website, they were specifically looking for an IT consultancy company that had Sitecore experienced .NET developers at the ready. Ákos Peer, the Head of Project Portfolio & Digital Program Management, saw our capabilities exhibited at the BusinessWorld 2018  Conference and without much ado and a short introduction later, he went on to outline the project and the possibility of a collaboration. delaware, being one of the few in possession of the niche knowledge in question, was more, than happy to be of service.

Unique unity

Any collaboration can have its own unique challenges, especially, when there are more, than two players in the equation. ELMŰ-ÉMÁSZ and delaware, along with Melkweg, a Budapest based digital agency, formed a well-oiled ternary in order to complete the migration. As all three companies are experienced service providers, everyone involved were very conscious of how clear and timely communication is the key in a successful delivery. Usually, this is something easier said, than done; however, Ákos reflected on after the completion of the project, that it all seemed unusually smooth and seamless. “You know when you have chemistry with some people. It just happens and we had that from the beginning. Our talks from business could easily venture into what we were doing it at the weekend or books that we read, then back to business. These guys were just great — they understood our needs and we just had that flow you can’t put your finger on.” Balázs Kőhídi, the manager of our Digital Team and Ágoston Hodász, the Lead Architect on the project happily agreed with that assessment. “It is such a great experience when we have all the specifications from the get go. ELMŰ-ÉMÁSZ had a very clear vision, which made it all the easier to have such an exemplary delivery. We were very proud to be able to finish everything on time” said Balázs.

we had such a great experience with delaware. The quality of their work is an indubitable proof of their global presence, while it also exhibits such a solid glocal knowledge. I’m very much looking forward to our next collaboration


Our collaboration with ELMŰ-ÉMÁSZ seems to be the beginning of a beautiful partnership. After completing the migration project, we readily jumped onto the next challenge: an application development for gas capacity purchases. We are now in the phase of putting the finishing touches on the service, but already, all parties agree that our collaboration will hopefully be very far reaching. Ákos also shared his hopes for the future:

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