SBS Belgium: a clearer view on advertising campaigns on TV

Jan 14, 2018
  • professional services
  • Microsoft

SBS Belgium is an international company part of the media concern De Vijver Media. It is the driving force behind television channels VIER, VIJF, ZES and others. SBS also provides a channel for advertising via Discovery, TLC, njam! and Play sports. Sure it knows about advertising on TV.

Data quality issues solved

To run its business, SBS needs a clear view on the advertising budgets and spending of its different customers, across its different channels. In the current solution, it is a hard to get a consistent view on this information and moreover there are quite some problems with the quality of the data.

With the help of delaware BI experts, SBS implemented a new reporting tool based on the BI capabilities of Microsoft SQL Server. This tool is integrated with the advertisement planning tool ‘Mediapro’ used by media companies to book ads on TV, as well as with the tool that is used to budget and forecast advertising revenues.

Inconsistencies detected

Via an online portal, a dozen of SBS employees have direct access to consistent and qualitative data that allows to follow-up the advertising campaigns for their customers. If there is any inconsistent data in the system, it tells immediately where the problem lies. In the end, SBS is better armed to manage its business and to offer an optimal service to its customers.

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