Digital certificate management

We are pleased to invite you to the online technical webinar “Digital certificate management that is in tune with the times. Only real-life scenarios” prepared by our partner Indeed Identity, one of the leading cybersecurity software vendors with more than 10 years experience in the field of smart cards management.

Since the increasing number of companies, government agencies and independent analytics witness the growing gap between their requirements and inexcusably slow speed of PKI evolution, some tasks connected to digital certificates remain unsolved. Our free webinar will help to find answers to many questions related to PKI management.

During the webinar, Mr Nikolay Lazitsky, the leading technical support engineer of Indeed Identity, will present only real-life scenarios that your system administrators will use on a daily basis:

  • The complete cycle of issuing of a smart card for a new user with the subsequent writing of digital certificates and setting of a random user PIN.
  • Domain authentication via a smart card.
  • Smart card block and unblock by security questions.
  • Smart card update via a unique user agent.
  • Control over connected smart cards and real-time notifications about unknown smart cards.
  • Issue of a network-attached smart card – Indeed AirKey Enterprise – with logon certificate and log in to the domain with the use of AirKey Enterprise.

And a challenge that has been a hot topic pointed out by many independent analytic agencies:

  • Issue of a WHfB card and writing of additional certificates to it.

The webinar date: 31 March 2020, 12:00 am (Vilnius time).

Duration – 1 hour including Q&A session.

If you are interested in PKI and searching for the solution to solve the multiple tasks related to it, make sure to join Indeed Identity webinar. Your feedback will be highly appreciated.

Registrations are closed for this event, we are looking forward to meeting you at one of our upcoming events.