Wienerberger accelerates its digital transformation to engage its customers

Nov 28, 2017
  • discrete manufacturing
  • SAP

Wienerberger CBME, the unit of the Wienerberger group dedicated to clay building products in Europe, entrusted delaware with the strategic mission to help it accelerate its digital transformation. Building on a more than 5-year-old trust relationship with the Belgian subsidiary of Wienerberger CBME, delaware is proud to have extended its partnership to three key countries – Belgium, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom – that lead the digital transformation for Northern Europe, with the active support of the head office in Vienna.

Ease of doing business

The cornerstone of this digital transformation journey is a roadmap that was defined by delaware in close collaboration with the 3 CEO’s of the committed countries. The ultimate goal is simple: easing the life of all partners that do business with Wienerberger CBME.

Concretely, this ease of doing business means all customer interactions, from ‘lead to cash’, or in other words from the first contact with Wienerberger to the final invoice, should be digitally optimized.

delaware translated that vision in a clear step by step approach, illustrated by concrete examples.


Satisfied by the collaboration, Wienerberger CBME then delegated delaware to do a deep analysis of the technical and functional needs of the so-called ‘customer engagement platform’ that will support the digital transformation. delaware wrote the request for proposal that was sent to different vendors and will sit with Wienerberger CBME to do the evaluation and selection process.

delaware has also been entrusted to lead an essential product information management project. To improve building processes at customer sites, and notably speed up delivery times, Wienerberger needs indeed to have a single source of the truth for its different product offerings in the involved countries.
Last but not least, Wienerberger CBME asked delaware to deliver blueprints for two strategic CRM and website optimization projects in The Netherlands and Belgium.

Thanks to its neutrality in technical choices, its flexibility and its business knowledge, delaware managed to expand and strengthen a trust relationship with a leader of the construction sector in Europe. This opens the way for more European-wide projects at the highest level.