Manage your human capital

Manage your human capital

The benefits of digital transformation aren’t just for customers – they’re for employees, too

Manage your human capital

Finding, developing and empowering your company’s human capital is more important than ever – and the key to doing so taps into the digital transformation to challenge current processes, achieve a global reach and integrate a wide range of HR technologies in use.

In a digitizing world, human skills are often considered just the icing on the cake. This is a misconception, however – talent management continues to be one of the business world’s biggest challenges. While efficiency-boosting HR tools sufficed in the past, current trends render them increasingly obsolete. What’s needed today is an end-to-end, comprehensive workforce overview that resonates with your entire corporate strategy.

Digital transformation challenges every aspect of doing business. Many of the new business structures and models address technology, but soft skills are as crucial as ever – if not more so. Staying relevant hinges on integrating the digital and the human, transforming digital HR challenges into opportunities by choosing the right tools for sustainable growth.

Critical HR challenges in the digital age

  • Digital generation gap:
    • with many generations of employees working together, HR must balance digital innovation with opportunities for development.
  • Changing expectations:
    • younger employees change careers relatively often and expect plenty of development opportunities across departments and functions – as well as regular feedback.
  • Internationalization:
    • talent can be found anywhere, and companies are often spread across national boundaries, complicating collaboration, development and talent management.
  • Big data:
    • the amount of HR data generated is staggering, and HR departments must find new ways to translate structured and unstructured data into insights.
  • Flexible process redesign:
    • modern HR processes have to be just as flexible as modern production processes.
  • The digital workplace:
    • people expect the same digital tools they rely on at home to be available at work.

Tools that only boost HR efficiency are no longer sufficient. Thriving in the digital age means implementing a system that transforms your talent strategies in line with your organizational blueprint – for greater growth, efficiency, productivity and profit.

SAP SuccessFactors: a scalable, holistic HR solution for any industry

A global system of records, SuccessFactors consolidates your existing HR solutions into a single, global system for all personnel-related data. It’s the ideal engine for analysis and the support of HR processes such as compensation and benefits, performance and goal-setting and learning management. By providing clear insights into your company’s workforce, SuccessFactors helps you bridge the gap between strategy and execution.

World-class technology at your own pace

SuccessFactors comprises 8 cloud-based engagement-boosting, efficiency-driving modules that can be implemented as needed and at your own pace. The tool delivers sustainable competitive advantages, improving executive insight and decision-making and align human capital investments with your company’s strategy by:

Assisting you in defining the workforce you need to achieve your long-term business goals.

Enabling you to gather detailed employee performance information for enhanced goal-setting.

Supporting your recruitment activity to help you retain talent and reward excellence.

Helping you put the right people in the right roles, contributing to successful business execution.

Offering robust analytics that combine talent and business data.

delaware helps you bring digitization to your workplace, bridging the gap between strategy and execution

Why delaware is your ideal HR transformation partner

Our approach is modular, tiered and tailored exactly to your needs

We work closely with your team to ensure the most impactful results

Our expertise in corporate HR processes and human capital management covers a wide range of industries

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