delaware Hungary is opening its second office in Debrecen to find and employ outstanding talent

Jul 02, 2023

IT consulting and system integrator delaware, which is now present in 19 countries, will open its second office in Debrecen this year, eight years after founding the Budapest office. With this decision, the company intends to establish a marketable professional team with high added value, competitive both in Europe and globally. The primary goal of this team is to modernize the processes of international customers and provide continuous support to maintain a competitive advantage.

delaware plans for the long term

When delaware was founded in Belgium 20 years ago, its aim was to fully support customers in modernizing their IT processes. As part of this goal, the founders expressed that delaware would operate following the established values for at least the next 150 years. The idea of a company that will never be sold has developed since then, and today more than 4,600 employees in more than 31 offices across 19 countries are part of delaware's dynamic development.

Since its foundation in 2015, the Budapest-based Hungarian office has mainly focused on the implementation and support of the SAP enterprise management system in industries such as logistics, manufacturing, automotive, food, and utilities. In addition, the team dealing with Microsoft solutions introduces digital systems and developments to its customers, which can be flexibly used to meet rapidly changing consumer needs. Over the past years, the divisions have developed a business portfolio that covers the industry challenges of companies located in the region.

Debrecen: the next stop

As part of the company's continuous growth, the Hungarian office plays an important role in the opening in Eastern Europe. Following the positive evaluation of its application, delaware Hungary will open its second office in Debrecen in 2023. When choosing the location, the fact that many of the values laid down by the value- and goal-oriented delaware are reflected in the philosophy of the city in Debrecen's management played a big role. "This guarantees that we will invest our resources in the right place in the long term, while also creating value for future generations," said Ádám Jezsoviczky, managing director of delaware Hungary. "From our future colleagues, we expect close cooperation with other employees and customers of our company group, where learning and sharing knowledge are beneficial for all parties. Therefore, we treat this as a priority in our daily operations."

In parallel with the opening of the office in Debrecen, delaware Hungary's biggest goal is to find and employ talent in this region, thus contributing to the development of the eastern labour market and the creation of new international opportunities.

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