How delaware is helping the logistics companies to maximize their efficiency

Feb 14, 2023
  • SAP

Due to its geographical location, one of the main focuses of delaware Hungary is the support of the players in the logistics industry. The EWM and TM modules of SAP enable these companies to efficiently manage warehouses and physical deliveries. Let's see how...

In the middle of Europe, Hungary has become a transit country between the Eastern and the Western world which ultimately led to the increasing significance of logistics companies in the recent years. As we, at delaware find it extremely important to learn from each other and bring out the best of all country’s specialty, delaware Hungary is putting more and more focus on the logistics industry and is constantly deepening its knowledge to serve the main market players. 

How the logistics industry looks like in Hungary 

According to the data, at the moment, the logistics companies in Hungary are responsible for 6.3% of the GDP (gross domestic product) of the country and the size of this market is expected to constantly grow by 6% annually in the coming years. These numbers are way higher than anybody have expected a couple of years ago, thus it is extremely important to be able to answer the simultaneously growing needs of this sector.  

As online orders are playing a crucial role in the everyday life of the community, the companies are forced to speed up their processes and minimize the risks – as even a small failure can lead to one less customer in our fast-paced world. The continuously growing supply chains need to become faster and more flexible, so effective stock planning, the optimization of deliveries and prior delivery planning are becoming priorities for the decisionmakers. 

However, the technology used by the logistics companies is yet to be improved which means that there are several opportunities to improve the efficiency. By focusing on the technical solutions, companies are able to build up a sustainable competitive advantage that ensures them to remain a market leader in their industry. 

How can delaware help 

At delaware, we have decided to build up a deep industry knowledge in Hungary due to its geographical position, and are aiming to support the main logistics market players in terms of their SAP landscape. 

We offer the following solutions for the players of the logistics industry: 

SAP EWM (Extended Warehouse Management) 

As a part of the S4 licence, the renewed EWM basic and advanced solutions are suitable for taking warehouse management up a notch. With its help, organizations are able to quickly answer the changing customer needs while reducing the costs and improving sustainability. A large amount of goods can be managed while the supply chain logistics are integrated with the warehouse processes. Being a solid part of the long-term strategy of SAP, the SAP EWM is a perfect choice for both simple and more complex warehouse processes. 

SAP TM (Transport Management) 

The SAP TM application is ensuring the optimization of the physical transportation costs while it decreases the complexity of the transportation across the organization. With this module, logistics companies are able to optimize their transportation plan in terms of processes and costs, enabling them to remain competitive on the market. 

Aiming for the sky 

At delaware Hungary, we have set big goals in terms of the logistics market and are aiming to develop a strong core competence in the sector. To do so, in the past two years, we have started to build up an experienced and skilled team full of consultants who have previous work experience on this particular market. Since then, we have been involved in multiple local and global projects with an SAP TM focus enabling the logistics companies to reach their full potential.  

We believe that the determination and commitment of our team is the key to successful collaborations in the future where we can make a difference on this constantly evolving market.  

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