E-invoicing: can a unique solution be fast?

Apr 23, 2020
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Most of us like standard solutions due to how fast, easy, and effective they are. Then how is it even possible that not everybody chooses this option? Every company has its very own, unique business need and at delaware we know perfectly well that there are special cases — and special customers — who will require a completely unique solution to suit them perfectly. This was the case with Joris Ide as well.

Regional expansion, local rules

Joris Ide, one of the leading European manufacturers of cladding products for buildings, as part of their expansion strategy has recently opened their site in Hungary. Naturally, they needed to upgrade their system so it would comply with the requirements of our tax authority. After they officially received their tax number, their SAP system should have been able to forward the required accounting information in accordance with the legal requirements.

Racing against time

Despite knowing that they were on a really tight schedule, Joris Ide still made the decision to look for a custom solution. When our team at delaware assessed the requirements for the project, we knew from the beginning that our client would need a highly complex solution. Knowing the deadline, we immediately understood that we would not have the time to proceed with the development from scratch. Did this dissuade us from taking up the project? Of course not! We just had to think outside of the box and be daringly creative. This was the point when SDSYS came into the picture as the missing link from the whole equation.

Perfect harmony

The first time we talked about a potential collaboration with SDSYS was in February and fortunately, we were able to easily found common ground. We get to know their their solution which securely transfers data from a given system towards NAV (National Tax and Customs Administration), then NAV’s response back to the client’s system. This was the missing link we needed to solve the Joris Ide equation. The next step was on us: we needed to ensure the proper retrieval and structuring of the data and align it to the customer’s processes.

Online billing process

The proof of the pudding is in the eating

As mentioned before, we had a pretty tight deadline. Basically this meant that we would not have the time for extensive testing. The go live was set for 1st March and from then on our client needed to send their invoices to the tax administration. We are proud to say that despite the very short deadline and the need for fine-tuning several different systems to work in harmony, NAV’s system is now able to accept the required data from Joris Ide without any glitches.

What will the future hold for us?

Based on our success together, SDSYS and delaware made the decision to continue the collaboration as a long-term partnership in order to serve a lot of other satisfied customers. As for the unique solutions… The Joris Ide project is the perfect example that they can be implemented just as fast as a standard solution. The only thing we need is a little bit of extra creativity.

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